Wednesday, 20 June 2012

BMW1200GS Tackles Clay At RiverHead

BMW1200GS Tackles Clay Bog At RiverHead

Scenes from Northern Gravel Adventure Riders Forest Explore   16th June  2012

Never far from "ANY" action that I have ever seen - this big BMW1200ccGS seen here after a very brief encounter into a deeper mud bog.    The smile and huge big grin when I greeted our rider on his exit through one of our challege sections  PRICELESS!!!
Tackling The Bog Road

Oh yes I can feel a good clean-up job coming up

The Big Bike    just after exiting one of our challenge trails

The evidence is all here>>>>>
Exiting The Tunnel Tube - another block we encountered had an Old Tin Tube and our riders had great pleasure in lining up and taking the big bikes for a little Tunnel Time
The big 1200ccGS tackling the tree root section\

Scenes from South Head Explore Adventure Ride
The big 1200ccGS Attends a farm tour we hosted over a private maori owned land block,
this ride was made up of a myriad of gravel roads that led our riders out to South Head before
we commenced our ride

Seen here, we had reached the end of the private property block and were turning around our big bikes to prepare for the hard slog back out of the property.  We discovered after spending many hours enjoying and playing amongst a variety of Sand Traps and much more, there was ONLY ONE entrance/exit in and out of the property.   Some very exhausted and tired riders after this ride.
Stopping for a brief break to meet up with our second group of riders,  taking a much needed break from the mng's endeavours.


  1. The riders truly enjoyed the mud-path! This wonderful vid reminds me of my Ride of Nepal last Sept. While crossing the Kali Gandaki Gorge (presently the deepest gorge on Earth, the Grand Canyon of USA is 2nd), we had to tackle knee-deep slush caused due to landslides from incessant rains for 3days, from sunrise to sunset we were able to cover merely 110kms.
    Anyway, rain + mountain + snow = hell of a challenge. If u wish to enjoy the three together on off-roads then come to the State of Himachal Pradesh(July to Sept) in India.

    Ride safe,
    Cheers :)

    1. hi Sushil Thanks for the comments, Your ride sounds truly exhilerating also. It is truly an adventurous thing that we do, go hunting for that little bit of a challenge.

      Yes rain, mountain, and snow tough going indeed and especially on a big and heavy bike. I would love to see a vid clip of your ride.

      Regards and best wishes

  2. Good stuff! I think my new rubber would get me through there...

    1. Well Andrew, we have THREE new adventure rides coming up shortly, One is a brand NEW and very exciting ride for us Taupo Tribal Lands Safari based and leaving from Taupo on the Saturday morning, I am sure that Neil will be along You should look to come on this one, we also have Labour Weekend East Cape Explore Ride both of these rides will be travelling over private maori owned lands Unique and extremely exciting Come join in with us