Thursday, 27 June 2013


Three Forests Adventure Tour

The NEW KTM1190R makes an appearance on our Tour
Nice,  Nice,  and well "JUST NICE" .......   Shod with Road tyres, Jim says the "THE BEAST" 
  handled exceptionally well......  "PERFECT BIKE" for a "Most Perfect Adventure Ride"!!
Featuring Highlights from our Tour
Sunday 23rd June 2013
Our day begins, and my 5:00 am alarm rings out all too loud and clear,  out of bed, semi-dressed and attempting to get organised?   Next task,  to get husband Jim "OUT OF THE NEST".....  Looking out the door for a quick assessment of the outdoor kind,  What clothing apparel to don??...   It really is NOT looking that flash out there....  Phone text messages flashing......  Adventure Riders lost,  ok,  that taken care of,  Early morning weather assessment not promising either.....   Bikes will be arriving at NGARNZ  h q   in about "1 ONLY hour",,,,,    There are hours, and there are hours,    Time was passing all too quickly,     WEather assessment made, cool and wet,  and well just plain dark outside.  Dean arrives with trusty DR650 trailered, roped and ready to go(minus our Bev, that has come to be a custom attendee at our Adventures).  Mike is still enroute.   DR650 number two has just arrived.  
It is Early Morning,  and the Bikes are Rolling In...

Meeting our NEWER Riders early morning to run over Basics inside of The Forest,  it was fast becoming a dash for the road......  Now to meet Neil at our early pre-morning location and we are off......  Our day is now beginning...... 
Three Forests Adventure Bike Tour Is Now Officially On The Road...........
A colourful collection of Adventure Bikes

<<<<<Ride Briefing Begins

Husband and wife TEAM Kevin and Cathy meet up Roadside with the Main Group

"SNAPPED" - Our Camera Person MIKE seen here "CAMO STYLES"

Our First Forest Tour completed -   Pictured here alongside our Red KLR Rider we present our YOUNGEST pillion rider in attendance "Lachlin"  -  "Enthusiastic and Loving to Be Out There and Doing It Also",  "Lachlin,  11 YEARS YOUNG",,,,   Well done  ......  What a remarkable young man...  WE think this deserves some of our CycleSpot Euro vouchers...  I am sure the TEAM at the Barry's Point Road Store will be able to assist with a little something!!!
Lachlin and John ENTER The Forest,  whilst Sue and Jim CHAT ABOUT entering The Forest  :)

Time for a quick Refuel Stop, I am thinking those bikes are going to be in need of a CLEAN UP JOB,      AND we haven't even reached Forest Number Two yet??


With any Adventure There will always be Those who STAND OUT FROM THE REST    -    SPOT THAT VEST!!!
We present just ONE of our Visitors from OUT OF TOWN - Complete with

"NEW   Wet WEather   Apparel Line"  - WE present our COUNTRY VISITOR, Lewis.    Lewis comes with a little Kiwi Ingenuity when it comes to Wet Weather Bike Apparel.  We think pretty unique tooo.   Worried throughout the day that his vest was under the constant threat of a <<<<<JAFFA ATTACK>>>>>(OH NO)  :( 
This Black Sack ensemble did indeed appear to be keeping the liquid OUT!!!  One of SAID JAFFA Riders,  quick on recognising another business opportunity here, was fast thinking of HONING IN ON NGARNZ BAGGED VESTS RIGHTS.....  Sorry Lewis,  we think you just

CREATED FOR US      a      Gold Mine Idea!!!  

   US JAFFAS,  we GRAB IT and BAG IT>>>>>>  

 More on this New Concept SOOOON....   Coming to all good NGARNZ Stores NEAR YOU>>>>   patent rights pending  :)
PS      If It's Not Nailed Down.....   oh dear ......
PS      Jim has ONE in the GARAGE also.....
"FROM JAFFAZ running AMUCK"..... 

Business Opportunity Number Two Just Came a Knocking...   How could we NOT take THE PIC???   Seen sporting our NGARNZ T - We present Ashley....    WE think Ashley models this T to a T.  (Simply and very well put)   Currently taking shape a NGARNZ Calendar,  maybe just in time for Xmas this year...   WE think Ashley HAS the MR Adventure Rider JUNE slot....  What Do You Think???
"NEW KID on the BLOCK" -  "GO PRO" - That SHOEI helmet most certainly
carried the weight of The NEW Go Pro over the course of the day ....
A Little Reflection Time,  from The LookOut and Beyond

WElcome to another NEW Visitor and Adventure Rider from Northland, seen here astride the Mighty KTM machine .....  
Also Welcome BACK MAX  -  MAX was ONE of the ORIGINAL AKLD GRAVEL ADVENTURE RIDERS FROM the early commencement of this most amazing
Adventure Group.   If you look closely

 you will also see another GENT from
the X Files (early Akld Gravel days)  Sporting a NEW Model of bike these days though...

GIRLS Just Wanna Have Fun.....   Just come to ONE of our Adventures and you will be singing this very same tune also

Conquering CafĂ© Times  :)

A LITTLE Refreshment Time
BOYS and CAFFEINE???  (Thought it was a rumour)  :)

And... From our "Classic Pic Collection",  we present  "One Fine Caffeine Hit"  "CLASSIC....    OH How Often Does This Come Along???
The Moment The Go Pro was Put To REST.....
and The Smile Says It All...
Lachlin was "In It" For "The Long Haul" 

The Grande Finale and our Third Forest
(every good Gravel Newz Issue should have one,  right??)

For More Pics and Views from our Tour
visit our website link attached below:  -

 Just SOME of the COMMENTS RECEIVED to us from Those who have attended this Adventure Tour:
    Thanks to Sue and Jim for the ride Sunday. I certainly learned a lot and had a good time despite the wet

     *      Personally I think you've got the mix pretty right
     *      Had a great time today. Actually the weather added to the adventure. You had
            a great variety today. Thanks again for the effort and time you guys put in. It
            gives a lot of people a great time
     *      We really enjoyed Sundays ride despite the inclement weather
Our Monthly CycleSpot Euro Vouchers Presented to:  -
1:  John for (Lachlin) Determination and
     Effort to see it Out To The End           $20 Awarded
2:  John for offering to do additional Tail
     End Charlie duties                              $40 Awarded

Many thanks to the very many vastly experienced NGARNZ Inhouse TEAM of Assistants we now have amongst us.  Your support to what we do makes this the huge success that we have come to build upon, and to be able to provide that something very good for ALL of our Ride Attendees to be able to share and participate in.  NGARNZ welcomes all Makes and Models of Bikes,  we are well able to assist you with Adventure Bike Coaching for your future enjoyment of Adventure Bike Riding, with Your choice of Adventure Bike.  We also cater for ALL levels of skills to be able to attend An Adventure.    Take YOUR Adventure from small beginnings,     "Where Will That Road Lead You To" .......

                           JULY/AUGUST 2014



Our Next Scheduled Ride:


Proudly supported by our NEW Supporters "TEAM ONBOARD" ALSO
WE present Embroidery Plus NZ
Registrations are Now Being Taken for this NEW
Adventure Tour and entries will close no later than
July 16th due to our T Shirt Orders - Your Entry Registration includes a FREE NGARNZ T Shirt.  Production of our T's will close on July the 16th, and no T's will be able to be produced after this date.

For Your Registration Form to attend this Event,  entries will be taken via our Contact Form on our Website Link below.  Please ensure to add your Required T Shirt Sizing on your Entry Form.  As Numbers will need to be limited due to already high interest at today's date,  your Entry is only Confirmed upon Receipt of payment to attend this Adventure Tour.

This Tour commences and concludes from Thames.
Vehicle/Trailer Parking will be organised.




Looking for that Mystery Forest Adventure Bike Tour??
We have it here for YOU....  Where will we look to take you??  The Answer to this question we reveal to you in our NEW Three Forests Mystery Adventure Collection...

Tour Commences and Concludes from the Same Venue which will be a NEW allocated Venue
One Day Guide Led Adventure with Lunch Stop factored in 
Use our Contact Form on our site to Register to attend this Mystery Forest Adventure Bike Tour

1: ........        2: ........        3: ........

Our NEXT Adventure Bike Training Day will be held Saturday 05th October 2013
Venue: RiverHead Forest

To Secure ONE of our placings,  please contact using our Website Link below:




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Thursday, 13 June 2013

NEW Winter Season of Adventures

Sunday 23rd June - Adventure Bike Journey
Three Forests Adventure Bike Touring
NEW to riding Metal/Gravel Roads inside of Forestry Areas?   Come join in with us as we take you for a Guide Led Adventure Through Those Gravel Roads "LESS" Travelled

  We have Many NEW Adventure Riders that have just joined us recently, that have NOT had the pleasure to experience a Journey through Private Forestry Areas.  This will be a great opportunity to bring your Adventure Bike and Come Journey along with us. Ride Terrain suitability is perfect for ALL Large Adventure Bike Riders to be able to attend.
  Travelling Enroute,  we will be available for onhand assistance as we embark on our planned route, and we have an experienced TEAM of helpers more than willing to assist if required.  You may do as little or as much as you wish over the course of this day.  WE have many Shorter Route Options available for those that wish also.
  The Month of June will indeed have provided that something for everyone to enjoy
  This Adventure Event will be by Pre-Registration Only and Ride Brief Details will be issued to those who have Registered/Paid the week before our commencement date of Sunday June the 23rd. If you have not heard from us by Wednesday of next week please contact to ensure we have received your Registration and please leave us with your cell phone contact so that we may return your call if necessary.   

Sunday July the 21st July     
Coromandel Guide Led Adventure Bike Tour
 "Four Forests Adventure Tour"

Ride Terrain will be a combination of Seal/Gravel and Forestry Gravel/Metal Roads
We have a very FULL day of kilometres to be travelled over the course of this day that will offer stunning views and fabulous Ride Terrain

Do as little or as much as you choose over your day

This ride classified as being suitable for ALL Adventure Bike Riders and all cc's of Adventure Bikes
Entry to this EVENT will be by Pre-Registration Only
Contact us to Register to attend this EVENT
Come Ride Those Roads "LESS" Travelled with NGARNZ
This is What "WE DO" - Journey to Those More Out of The Way Places 
 Journey over Roads "LESS" Travelled

Bring a Torch - I wonder what is around the corner??
Saturday September the 14th to Sunday 15th     
Northland Private Forests Adventure Tour

  MAY 26th Gravel Road Riding


  June 02nd Queens Birthday Weekend Adventure Bike Tour
Where we went over Q B Weekend - Touring those More Out Of The Way Places led us to take in a Forestry Circuit along with Lake Waikaremoana and The Motu etc

ShowCasing a "NEW" October Labour Weekend AWAY Adventure:     October Sat and Sun  26th  and 27th

           Central North Island Adventure Tour

We are currently considering whether we shall Showcase our "NEW" Labour Weekend AWAY Gisborne based Adventure Weekend.  Many of our riders enjoyed a fabulous Adventure in this area last October.  

For this Season we have put together many "NEW" and different back country gravel roads and have also secured some "NEW" Private Stations offering stunning views

If you would like to attend this "NEW" October Adventure we will require a holding deposit to secure your booking within the next few weeks.  Accommodation is very scarce in this area over this time of the year so we are only able to hold our bookings for a short time.  A Cancellation Policy will be in effect to secure accommodation bookings.  Those looking to attend at a later date may miss out on accommodation, or may have to secure their own accommodation.  A minimum of two nights booked stay is required in this area.

Our Ride Package will include two overnight stays which will be the Saturday and the Sunday nights.  Also will be included Saturday and Sunday dining along with both Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts.  Private Land Accesses also included.  WE have a very FULL TWO days of Adventure Bike Riding for this weekend.  This Ride departs from Taupo early Saturday morning and you will need to book your accommodation here on the Friday night so that you can be available for our early morning start. This Adventure encompasses several NEW Routes that we have not taken our NGARNZ Riders over before. 

If you are interested,  please mail for further details and to secure your reservation. WE will only be able to hold our pre-booked accommodation for a short period of time.


NEW Ride Classification Identification:  

Just recently you may have noticed we have introduced a GS RIDER PIC that features on nearly all of our Adventure Rides. This Classification is to notify Ride Terrain suitability for OUR Larger cc Adventure bike attendees.

X M A S of 2013 - WE Bring to You....................

Saturday November the 23rd to Sunday 24th     
TAUPO OverLand Adventure Tour


               JULY/AUGUST 2014



               Thanks to the NGARNZ Group of Supporters