Sunday, 27 May 2012

Adventures and Misadventures - The Sand Trap Captures The Unwarey

NGARNZ presents a visit to Otakanini Topu - Private Maori Land Block

Looking back on our visit to a "fully-functional sheep station" that is located in the heart of Auckland -  

Prior to this visit,  I had over the previous four to five months come to meet and great the guardian of this Farm "Ray".    As Ray has also come to know me and to learn a small amount about our small dual-purpose adventure riders group, we were able to secure a visit to ride these private lands and to experience our very own onsite adventure.  This property comprises green, rolling farmlands that are sand-based.  The farm terrain here quickly changes from very green, sandbased buttoned pastures and transpires into forestry blocks which in turn open out onto the ocean.  The varied terrain provided our small group with quite an experience. 

Attached some vid cam footage of our adventure, and for some 'misadventures'  This clip we come across a nice little serve-up affectionately know as "The Sand Trap", and yes, it did indeed proffer-up quite a spectacle for onlookers.    Seen here, Rogey as he prepares to Bust-through the "Soft Stuff".  Always a candidate to Muck-In There, we will see more of Rogey in action as we progress through this small story.    Yikes,  the "Soft Stuff: - it just keeps on.  You could not think sand could be so relentless, but yes the small piece of terrain we encountered did indeed just seem to be endless. 

After riding through some very enjoyable rolling-hill sections what we encountered over the hills provided for quite some entertainment and a new twist for our small group.  For those of us with big bikes and shod only with standard dual-purpose tyres, our bikes just did not seem to have that traction for driving forwards.  The lucky lads who made it through unscathed were very quick to cluster around the sides of "The Pit" and had the vid cams rolling to the MAX!!! as you can see.  Much to the dismay of said occupants stranded inside The Pit. 

Myself, attending this ride on my small XT,  rather than face the barrage from the Boys with their cams to the ready, I felt it prudent of myself to ALLOW my husband Jim the pleasure of burning the XT through the soft trails.  The squeals of sheer pleasure from the boys more than told me my decision to SHARE around my small Yamaha XT250cc had been the right decision. 

Another of our attendees TIM (along on his big BMW F800GS) also blitzed the 'soft sand' and was very keen to offer-up his big bike to me to have a 'play-on' whilst he burned the tread off the XT's wheels also.  I could have sold shares in my XT this day.  Why do I only think of these things now???  

All who tackled and had a PLAY in The Sand Trap enjoyed themselves immensely, whilst for some of us more misadventures were randomly bestowed than adventures, all will be back for more.  "Addictive" this all is.   

This clip below, one of the candidates who enjoyed a play with the small XT and made very light work of it.  To enjoy more vid clips of our ride visit my web page to view the HIGHLIGHTS of our Farm Tour.  To say that we all enjoyed this immensely would not quite be the right ending to our day.    "Back again to tackle Round Two Of"  next spring would sum this day up more appropriately.

On this page you will view many pics of our ride over these private lands and there are quite a number of vid cam clips to take a look over.  Many have already, WE WILL BE BACK!!!
Peeps away.  And yes, I WANT for more!!!

Yours  - Gravel Hopper  aka Suzieq - where there are roads to be explored - I will look to take our new club there!!!

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