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NGARNZ visit Gisborne The NGARNZ Way 29th Issue of Gravel NEWZ


Recapping on our DAY 1 - One VERY successful Labour Weekend - NGARNZ visit Gisborne and we explore Gisborne "The NGARNZ Way" - "OUR WAY"

Meeting at The MotorCamp and the small area was abuzz with excitement as the Gravel Riders left from our overnight stay here to commence Day 1 of our Planned Adventure Ride

Team Vehicle Support of JIM SUE parked up at
The Motorcamp
"INCOMING" on the Friday night - First to join us and right next door - John from Taranaki

Incoming and on our left side parked up  ------

Steve details to us "The Principals My Friends behind having that NEW FREERIDE" parked up in his shed     "And to My Fellow Gravel Riders It Is All Quite Clear"
October 20th - 22nd - 2012    - ONE very successful weekend combining both our Advanced Ranger Riders along with a route tailored towards our Mid Rangers (those looking for that more scenic and laxed-back riding, along with now many NEW adventure riders that have joined us)

 Nigel joins Neil and Rachel from Auckland,
John and I met them at Matawai

It was excellent to see such a great group of Mid Rangers along for our weekend.  Welcome to the many new faces amongst us.  Karen, you did amazingly well.  New to adventure riding,  good friend and buddy ANT had been taking Karen 'Out and About',  "WIRES TRACK",  just ONE of the many they have been to explore.  hmmm Coromandel,   you know how to serve up gravel and a pretty hairey track there also. 

Karen and Ant  heading off on the afternoon ride with Ride Leader Pete - HARD to disguise a smile THAT BIG under the helmet KAREN +++++
GROUP 2 Incoming to join up with our Vehicle Support for lunch at DOC camp

Newlyweds Husband and Wife Team Neil and Rachel
standing nearby the local wharf
Rachel,  you Rock,  (YOUR Total km distance metre is overflowing,  from 150km only just recently on her BIG Transalp to now, well over 1500kms)  both Rachel and Karen NEW to adventure riding, and both proudly outdid themselves this weekend.  

John being followed into our DOC campsite by Ride Leader Pete - Talent comes in MANY forms - as being demonstrated here
We would also like to welcome along John also on his small Triumph 250cc. 

Disappointing for John after putting the Trail Blazer into the shop to be geared for Road Legal Riding
This small Trail Blazer had been put shopside with the express purpose to be made Road Legal to attend our Adventure Weekend. Sadly, only a few km's into our ride and the small bike gave it up, and sputtered and coughed to one very abrupt end.  It seems the work shopside was non-conducive to our Triumph making it around the course at the weekend.  As the small bike stopped against a very narrow embankment I quickly called-in a hasty decision to board the 250cc onto our Support Vehicle,  and the FIRST of our trailered bikes now joined us for an expedition along This Route and surrounds.  Now it was "TWO" of us, enjoying spectacular scenery, even if from the inside of a vehicle.  (Comment from my first passenger John - "I have had an EXECUTIVE Tour Sue")  Wow, whilst Interesting for JOHN - travelling along "Exec styles",  hmmm I was left in amazement as to where this lad has lived???   I SOAKED up John's island living tales thirstily. 
Try living on RAOUL Island,
just for openers into OUR roadside conversations.  Just ONE of the many islands John and partner Karen have lived with their work commitments.  Catching seal pups and tagging and taking skin samples WITHOUT being nipped by angry mums,  John relayed many of these similar tales to me, and I was engrossed by it all up.  I can only imagine the taste of that dandelion homebrew and the painstaking hours spent picking bucket loads to make just a small brew.  John tells me of the wine they have managed to brew to date, and have been fortunate to have had several great cropping seasons.  They have actually managed to brew several casks to date.  You have left me totally amazed John at your Life Stories, and our many hours worth of conversing together over our first day left me duly impressed at the KIWI ingenuity of both John and partner Karen. 
Meeting up with just a FEW of The Local GIRLS - They had a LOT to say as they met us in Their Neck Of The Neighbourhood, and they most certainly did let us know about it ~~~
Our two-up journey along The Road etc passed by all-too quickly.  Whoever said being a Vehicle Support Driver, so dubbed,  "VSD" was a boring role???   Hardly???  

John enlightens me on the Regeneration in the Area - Take a look at this LONG
Dead cut down tree stump and the new growth emanating from +++
The very many interesting people I have come to meet whilst running and organising this group rules that statement out.  Along with John and Karen,  good friend and acquaintance ANT shared with me some of his life story.  Very interesting, but I will keep this one to myself.  MAYBE next time,  I will share.  Well done ANT,  and so good to see you Out and About also.  It has been awsome to have met you also.  Thanks for your assistance to me this weekend.  I very much value and appreciate your help.  If YOU enjoyed those handmade rolls for our lunch,  trio on duty  Sue,  Ant and Karen,  wow the production line was running hot,  further proof of more buried skills in there guys.  Well done.

On reaching our campsite inside of The Ranges we shared a brief wait before the Mid Rangers, under guidance of Ride Leader Pete roared back down one of the tracks to join in for our scheduled lunch break.  The silence in the area was quickly shattered as the Mid Rangers came into the clearing.  Pete had taken his group further up one of the gravel tracks in this area to enjoy a little more on offer here, before joining us back at the clearing.

This is looking like a 'promising spot' for those ACTION
Streambed Crossings
Now, on anticipating which stream crossings our Group 2 would be exiting to join us,  Pete and I headed over to the bottom riverbed and sat and waited patiently.  So very quiet here, with just the trickle of the waters flowing over the rock beds,  it was not long before the tone of the neighbourhood had been shattered (yes, probably lowered, in keeping with the peace and tranquility that this area would normally host)  and we could hear "incoming" engine noises echoeing throughout the valley floor.   Excitment at last,  with the stillness now gone it was time for the cameras to be unleashed and to snap into action.

The LADS and The Cameras WERE OUT and Unleashed into -   "CAMERA - ACTION - ROLLLLLLL"

How MANY Gravel Riders crossing THIS stream????
Stream crossings never fail to disappoint,  many unleashed those throttles with a vengeance,  (probably thinking of the luncheon waiting on the other side???) and white-water was whipped about furiously, creating a turbulence.  Most of our group made it across WITHOUT the 'Trial by Baptism' that Bernard so aptly describes in his video presentations for us.

This was a test, and at least four of our bikes suffered a right dunking, and our boys were put hard to work drying out wet and soaked machines out along the riverbanks.

Success was had from a VERY joint Group Effort and all submerged and drowned bikes were once again able to continue onwards for the rest of the day. Thanks to everyone for such great assistance both In and Out of the drink.  A true testament to the talent we have onboard our Ride Group members.  Working together as a team effort,  NO further participants Made It Along Trailer-side on DAY 1.  TALENT indeed - Well done lads!!!  A relief from our riders in tow.  

Kevan takes the might of the big PowerHouse GS "DownStream", leaving a lashing of white-water in his wake. The big Beemer hightailed it in the opposite direction before finally coming to a stop, only veering slightly Off-Course.
Time for a DRY-OUT and just a brief spell
So very Much Excitement - Meanwhile Down On The Banks Of........
"Incoming",  Oliver and John,  After a good workout STREAMSIDE,  - therez that thumbs UP - Power to the thumb!!!
Mike heads in to lunch campsite - followed by Gordon

Lunching it at our Campsite - 10/10 for scenic impact/surrounds - those rolls weren't all that bad either!!!

Lunch over and the group embarks on the afternoon section of the day

John and Karen in discussions
 at EastWood Hills Arboretum
Heading off once again now with my NEW Passenger John, (John stated he enjoyed the Executive Tour of The Motu Region from Prado Sides) we made good time and marvelled in OUR few small FJORD crossings. The heavy PRADO made light work of those, even with the solid steel construction trailer husband Jim had handbuilt, along with our now One bike companion, at least 20 fuel canisters and loaded to the gunnels with our packs, bags and much more. I even had a Canoe PADDLE, tripod and much more packed inside of the Support Vehicle.

Waiting to enter for Sat evening Dining

The timing of our day went well and was right on schedule to exit out of this area for our Catered Saturday Evening Dining. Great skills as They had arranged Caterers incoming from Gisborne,  and good timing was essential here.  Dinner was very well received by our riders and a most pleasant experience. The Team here had organised an excellent selection of bbq meats, several salads, breads, potatoes, and even a dessert to finish it all off with. DAY 1 now at an end and another 30 minutes drive/ride and we made it into our prebooked accommodation for our planned overnight stay. It was just beginning to get dark by now, and it was a scrabble at the office for our keys, maps, directions, and of course the major unloading of the Support Vehicle. That BIG trailer of ours has certainly come in handy over the years. It did us proud once again this weekend. 

Amazing,  on waking the next mng  the entrance to the park here did not quite seem the same.  The combination of darkness on arrival the night before along with the rushing to get all of our riders unpacked and heralded into their booked accommodation units to grab some much needed shut eye made the brightness of the new mng here take on a new tangent.  Another day has rolled in and I wonder what DAY 2 will bring???
   "Dawn of A New Day" - DAY 2 coming shortly to all good blog sites near you!!!
Our supporter JOHN from Cyclespot Euro joined us this weekend    John seen here Mixing It Up With The Gravel Riders  hmmm
Nice Looking ride There John!!!
DAY 2 and The New Day sees our kitchen trio team of Sue,  Pauline and Sue (Take II) rise and shine early for a mng breakfast cookie kitchenside.    On our NEXT visit we have been offered catering also for our breakfasts and will of course be accepting this most kind invitation!!   The catering along with accommodation has been so well received we will most definately hit REPLAY on this theme here.

Heavy duty trailer in tow and getting ready for early mng Riders Briefing before the start of our DAY 2.

<<<<<<<<<<Cinema Time is upon us once again>>>>>>>>>>

Speaking of which,  Vid-MASTER and extroadinaire to NGARNZ has been at work in his studio, and if you missed Bernard's TRAILER last week,  he has now unleashed the Full Monty for us THIS WEEK.  Yes,  it is now time,  pull up your favourite armchair,  put those tired feet up,  pour a glass of,  NO,  Not John's home-brew,  (not this time round)  John and Karen would be dry-side within a few rounds (lol)  and ENJOY!!!!   At the end of this clip Bernard has included just ONE of the many games featured On Tap at The Flying Dutchman on the Sunday evening. 

Our Kiwi Rider mags along with our great Earn A Kiwi Rider T game went down exceptionally well and was very well received.   Prospective Candidates were hauled up from the floor, and  OOOOH - The Talent on Display here in this dining hall,  well, you will have to view and be your own judge here.  But, the gent with the SMOOOVE MOOOOVES Award went to our STEVE,  yes  that's right,   ORATOR to    ....    re   "New FREERIDE finds its way into Gravel Riders Shed".   This gent has the MOOOOVES to go with the new ride,  and duly won our award.   From here moving down the TALENT LINE  this simply had to be VIEWED to be BELIEVED.    All duly won a much deserved t, and I suppose in looking back now,  wow factor on Gravel Riders Talent lads.  Well done!!  I hope you all enjoy those K R t's.  Yes YOUR talent was on VIEW here, and we applaude it.  Gravel Riders really are one very talented bunch.

 Our supporter John sitting tableside was happy to applaude proud recipients of The CycleSpot Euro vouchers.  One lucky lad even thought he may wish to use his voucher for a NEW KTM come summer.    Wow  summer is looking great!!!!!   Options aplenty should YOU be the lucky recipient of our vouchers.  

Next came the great Bowl For The Spectro Oil Prize Pack.  Amazing the amount of candidates looking to try their hand at an evening spot of indoor bowls.  Thanks MAX for the loan of the bowling ball.   The gravel riders tried their luck but alas the round went to Pat our lady KAWA rider in attendance.  Her aim was ON THE MARK and duly walked away with the main prize.    Additional floor prizes were also issued with the compliments of Spectro also.  Tableside and Oliver was presented with an award for hanging in there after his muffler decided to exit his Suzuki also.  The NUT had vibrated itself completely off.   John was also presented with an award after blowing CounterShaft Sprocket Oil Seal,  the oil puddle on the gravel true testament to, so we feel deserving of an Award here also.  Our Valiant Charger Knight in Attendance was presented to Bill for Services to his fellow Gravel Riding companions after doubling John back to basecamp for Vehicle Support Services to collect the DR that was parked up many many km's into the Gisborne back country areas.  What a very talented bunch of Gravel Riders we have here!!!

NGARNZ proudly donated TWO t's to our very NEW and talented lady adv riders in attendance Rachel and Karen.  Wow you girls,  you will both be riding as ADVANCED Rangers next time round.   hmmmm the skills are hotting up indeed and I have a feeling these girls will be "Taking The Seat"!!!!

On a New NOTE: - We Re-Visit our Quest to ReHost an Event at Poronui Station/Taupo based:
Door OPENING>>>>>I have now had so many queries in relation to a revisit, I have had to add this task to my list also.

I have a good friend who just so happens to have had the American owner of The Station stay at his home on occasion.  A request was put to on our behalf as to the possibility to revisit here and enjoy the same format as previously hosted by Jim and myself - another NGARNZ experience.

How BADLY would YOU want a REPEAT of this experience???   With the RESTRUCTURE that the U.S. based owners of The Station have undertaken, new policies have now been sanctioned,  this will now mean any revisit here will  need to be perceived to be a Resident Activity.  aka  You will now need to RESIDE at The Station for Jim and I to be able to host a repeat of our Epic visit here.   A planned adventure here would now run into the below format:

All meals catered for over our day along with evening dining in the North Island's BEST wine cellar,  ps  the bar tab is OPEN!!!!  Breakfast next day also included.  Our first visit I was able to bring to you a pricing of ONLY $120 per person.  This I now know to have been exceptionally excellent value as I posted the link out to our riders to enlighten you all on the FIVE STAR Station that we were visiting, and the set-pricing charged to visitors. 

If you wish to REVISIT the time spent at The Station that we all enjoyed so very much on our previous visit here,  please contact me personally and I will forward pricing details through to you.  With the small fee previously of ONLY $120 per person,  I would prefer to now forward individual pricing, as RESIDENT pricing will now be MORE expensive compared to what I was able to secure for us all on our first visit here, and you will now realise my secured pricing was merely an appetiser.

Memories of good times spent at The Station, and what you could look to enjoy,  maybe for that special occasion???  My blog below highlights the Ride Preparation that Team of Jim/Tim/Jess and Sue undertook to bring our first experience here.  There is also a Vid Clip on my blog below:

DAY 2 Blog issued shortly
For a FEW Photo Highlights re our DAY 2 -  visit our below link:


Suzuki DR650 - If you know of anyone that has a used/second hand DR650 for sale, please contact us and we will forward details on to one of our Gravel Riders


We have available to us a Yahama XT250cc that can be hired to attend one of our rides.  If you wish to give our rides a try to decide if this form of riding is for you, you are welcome to hire our Yamaha.
Xmas is fast approaching and now may just be the time to trial an ADV bike


Size 9 Gaerne Motorcycle Boots WORN ONLY 3 times and in excellent condition - If you are looking for a very good quality pair of ADV boots - these are IT - priced at $200 through The Gravel Riders Group - if you are interested please contact with your genuine interest and I will forward you through to the owner -    These will be placed on TradeMe this week at $250  (This is Where You SAW THIS AD first)

Another *****NEW Concept***** That We Have All Been Waiting For Quite Some Time Now: - JIMZ Garage has now made a more positive appearance onto our Website:  yes,  what we have all been waiting for - Some Tool Time Input - Good things don't happen overnight, but you know,  if you wait long enough,  they really DO happen!!!


<<<<<N E W>>>>>

15th December 2012 - Xmas Breakup Adventure Ride - Tongagiro/National Park Areas

We now have available to us "SEVERAL Private Farmland Stations" based at National Park,  we will be hosting our Xmas ride from here.  We now also have a "THIRD Private Station" available to us also.  This is looking g r e a t......    Entry forms will be available by the end of this week.  

Dinner on the Saturday evening will also be part of this Ride Package.   Package will include Land Access Fees to Several Private Stations, along with access to a Private Forestry Block - expect approx 8 hours of riding over this day.  Our ride begins 9am from Owhango Pub and we will visit our TWO Farming Stations in the mng and then lunch at Owhango Pub.  After lunch expect a further 4 - 5 hours of riding, (if you wish for it) along with Private Forestry Access and expect to cross Whakapapa Stream crossings also.    Our tracks and trails will be mainly hard packed stoney pumice trails.   Our Saturday evening venue will now be Owhango Pub and I have organised a package deal for us, which will include a hot evening buffet dinner.  At the end of one very long day that we have planned,  a catered dining option is really looking very good.  With your accommodation package it is very likely we will be able to secure YOUR choice of room,  First in will get FIRST dibs at bed availability. 

Along with these NEW Private Land areas we will look to add additional riding on the Sunday morning for those that wish, before we depart for home   (Fishers Track)  and we may also go out on the Sunday mng with a spot of 42nd Traverse styles.  A waiver will be signed if you wish to attend this ride as we do not wish to accept responsibility for loss or damage to bigger bikes.  We have been notified that the track has been worked on as at todays date, and a dozer has been to visit the track and has fixed and repaired damage left by the recent 4 x 4 vehicles through there.  Jim will pre-ride our intended course the week before also to ensure ALL track conditions are in a suitable condition.   We accept the right to cancel or alter any of our courses that we have potentially planned to undertake at any time, due to inclement weather/and/or hazardous track conditions.  YOUR Safety is our KEY concern.   We feel that THIS ride offers it allll.   This is our Xmas breakup offering to our Gravel Riders and we have worked hard to find this and to bring this to our Riders.


Entry Forms available at the end of this week to pre-register for this ride

Thanks to our Supporters and also for Spot Prizes issued over the Labour Weekend at Gisborne:


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