Monday, 25 June 2012

Tunnel Time anyone???

Tunnel Time Anyone???

"Thumpers", and they came,  first out of the starting blocks, our friend the big BMW1200cc followed closely by "TEAM ORANGE".   Like a swarm they were lining up and waiting for the treat to ride "The Tunnel".  Yes, the surface provided for a little entertainment also to some.   Everything and more an adventure ride should deliver.
"TEAM ORANGE" taking it on.......
That "KTM ADV Bike" looking the business and "BRINGING IT ON"..........
A small slice of the 'Action and Fun' a "Tunnel Ride" can provide

Yamaha 660XT  and  "Exit Strategy"
Nice shot of a really slippery and muddy exit - the hole at the "End of The Tunnel" - and
YES,  there is always a light at the end of also................

"Out Of Town"   and this KTM does not like to be left out
Commentary and Cam Snapping hand-in-hand  
 "WE SNAPPED" our roving Photographer
Don't you love it when this happens!!!!


For more of this,  visit our website for further details and join us:

We are running a repeat of this ride to cater for our members who missed out on the Saturday's
"RiverHead Explore Adventure" ride - 

Sunday the 05th August   We Will Be Back  For ROUND TWO
 Of This NEW Adventure Season

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