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Off Road Adventure Training Sessions 19th November 2012


"O F F     R O A D      A D V E N T U R E       TRAINING" SESSIONS -   NGARNZ now hosts our very OWN Sessions -  Tailored to Your Personal Requirements at a more "ONE on ONE level"

We will look to open our NEW SEASON of 2013 - 2014  -

By Popular Demand - We have been asked to have Jim D take and conduct a small group through a LEVEL 1 training experience.  This course will be designed for those either "NEW" to riding Gravel Roads, or those just looking to hone skills and improve on existing skills, along with confidence building over those looser surfaces.    To be able to offer you that more "ONE on ONE experience" we will take 5 riders for each of our LEVEL 1 sessions.  The first of these will commence early February 2013. 

Father and son Team of Jim and Tim Denham attending
a Kiwi Rider 500 Adventure Ride Many Many Moons Ago, 
I remember the colours on that T that Jim is
wearing   vividly
For more on Jim's skills and abilities view our website link below,  and make a list of what you wish to be covered on your ONE on ONE session with Jim.  Jim has an off road background covering both trail and enduro events spanning well over 35 years.  Jim  has amassed his own collection of trinkets over this time.  Our VAULT has been OPENED, and we now showcase to you some of these awards.
Off Road Adventure Training hosted by Jim D and our Inhouse Team of Highly skilled Adventure Riders     Jim has now explored and tapped into many new areas on both his F800 GS and also his KTM690 Adventure bike.  Having personally hosted this Ride Group over a Season now, we have amassed a wealth of adventure riding that we has been bought to our Ride Group Members over the past season.  We now look to also host our very own Inhouse Off Road Adventure Training Sessions and will personally look to cater for more of our New entrants to our Ride Group.

Jim parked up and assisting Jess up a short but steep pumice bank - Taking our TWO big F800's and exploring some pumice tracks and trails out at Rangitikei - It's just what our big bikes are made for -  JESS -  This is all about "Momentum Is Your Friend" - "One Very Famous Statement" - I am slowly learning this,  but   on another quote - It won't happen overnight Sue  but it will happen????  This statement seems to be bandied around quite a lot lately????   :)
Jim enjoys exploring stream beds with his F800 - you can see that back wheel has cleared a very good path  for those following - Stunning Riverbed and stunning scenery ------
ABS on     ABS off -  Another AGE OLD Question
and one that was asked of us at our recent
Waikaretu Adventure Ride on the 10th
November - For more on this dilemma for some,
but confirmed for others,  bring these
queries and questions along with you
Along with our LEVEL 1 more "ONE on ONE" training,  we have had offers from many skilled trail and enduro riders who have also amassed a wealth of Awards between them,  and we have for this Season accepted One of these offers.  WE will be working alongside a TEAM of highly skilled Professionals and will bring to those who have attended our LEVEL 1 training - a LEVEL 2 session.  NEW CONCEPTS and NEW IDEAS - all of our events/training is suitable for ALL MAKES AND MODELS OF BIKES.  Our events and/or training we do not distinguish any ONE certain make and model of bike.  WE now have much diversity amongst us,  and a true testament to what makes for our Ride Group to be so very well received by those in attendance at our rides.  

     <<<<<The Trophy Vault of both Jim and Tim Denham         has been      O P E N E D  >>>>>

Just SOME of our trophy collection from many competitive events spanning from over 35 years of both trail and enduro riding events

Waikaretu Adventure
 Incoming - Pictures from Graeme - Recapturing our EPIC Waikaretu Adventure

  Graeme has captured scenes from our Waikaretu Adventure Ride held recently on Saturday the 10th.  These will prove to bring back some very pleasant memories for those who attended our Tour here.  Graeme felt 'guilty' for his non-attendance in the stream bed, along with our fellow assistants, pictured here,  but on reflection,  - We say "PLEASE" Graeme,  Don't Feel Guilty!  We appreciate what you have "Captured"  so very well.

Many thanks to all of our Ride Group attendees for forwarding photos and vid clips through to us so that we could upload these for every ones personal enjoyment.  Keep them coming,  if you see a photo of yourself enjoying one of our rides,  you may mail me and I am more than happy to forward a pic through to you.

Many Makes and Models of Bikes and ALL enjoying the stunning views - the cameras were out  (we have indeed become a camera snappy group - excellent)
Go Dougie,  Wow,  when I first met Dougie  the DR650 never spread "THIS" much around

NEVER far from any ACTION that I can remember,  Mark takes the KTM and ploughs across

A big thanks to DAVE for joining us -  Paramedic duty duly taken care of

"OVERLAND" - The camera has captured "The Long And Winding Road" - "That Leads Us To" .....  Gorgeous shades of green

====**********Movie Time**********====

This week we feature our 10th November Waikaretu Adventure Ride - We now have available at least 10 Movie Clips detailing our Journey at Waikaretu -  This may need to be kept for those Xmas holidays that will soon be upon us all.  I will only post 4 on our weekly edition of Gravel Newz,  on our website I have posted 4 clips to each page, to make it easier for the opening of each web page.  Movie Clips do consume some space.  Expect at least three pages on our website to be able to house our footage.

Episode Number One Waikaretu Adventure Ride

Episode Number Two

Episode Number Three

Episode Number Four

Above we have shared Episodes number One - Four  -  Below is the link for our web page that houses Episodes Number Five - Eight

Our very last remaining Episodes will be completed at a later date during the coming week for viewing

- NGARNZ  Xmas T Competition -
     Here we have asked an "Age-Old Question" Which Needs To Be Answered: - "What Is On An Adventure Riders Wish List For Xmas"???

If YOU would like to take part in this small competition,  mail me your thoughts and we will include them onto the many answers that we have received,  we will choose our Winning Answer and publish in our Xmas edition of Gravel Newz
mail with your answer to the above question - remember,  we are looking for that something that we feel is unique.

WE will run through our received answers to date and ponder on what we feel to be a most unique gift idea -

  Names will not be revealed on incoming answers,  but we will announce our winner closer to Xmas and a unique NGARNZ T shirt will be mailed out to our winning entrant:

So far,  we have:   1)  -   Yes, this shows up BLANK<  but  hit >>PLAY BUTTON and you might quite like this,  it certainly provides a very novel approach for   INCOMING<<<

Next we have    2)  -    "Not a tent – too obvious, and anyway I’ve already got one, having done a bit of tent touring already.  Sleeping bag – check. Small single-burner gas stove – check (that would be a good present, actually)  No, my vote for the sensible is to give one of those self-inflating air mattresses (I’ve got one) to give elderly and aching bones a better night’s sleep. Trust me on this one!   

For the less “sensible” – a tiny 12V fridge to keep the beer cold!


If you haven't got a copy of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook by Chris Scott get yourself a copy     They have just released the 6th edition and mine arrived this week. It is an amazing and inspirational book and if you don't have one I am sure you will love it.

AND yet more..................................
  I just need time and money but I guess lots of money would allow me to have lots of free time

 Sidecar on the KLR650 for Chauncey the Wonder Dog

New boots would do me, but a trip through South America would be not be sneezed at either

 A BMW F800GS, KTM 990 Adventure R, or a Husqvarna 650 Terra…

I was naughty so I'll likely get some coal, but since you're asking: A top end rebuild, fresh gas tank and a new map.

A little more time to ride would be fine, but new bike gear would do it either.



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