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Preview Kapoors Road and the Famous 42nd Travers 12th November 2012

I had just exited ONE of our Private Farming Areas that took me out and
onto the famous 42nd Traverse - this is Kapoors Road,  the farm
ride that led me here was absolutely fantastic and will please
you very much,  beats taking the SEALED route to get to this Epic
Area, Taking That Road LESS Travelled - very appealing,
and fortunately one that I will be travelling over again
15th December and WE ARE ON !!!
Jim and I are bringing this issue of Gravel Newz to you live from Taupo and National Park, where we have been kept extremely busy over the past week preparing something really varied and interesting for our 15th December Xmas Breakup Ride.   We have factored in as much diverse terrain as we can possibly add given our time allocation,  and of course ensured that our "Epic Last Season" stint for you will also be suitable for our bigger bikes in attendance.  All skill levels will be able to attend and to enjoy this experience.  We feel that this will most certainly fit into our  "True Gravel Stylez" - and will be - "The One To Go Out On" promises to be a most Unique experience.   We have booked 30 twin share beds for this Adventure.  Entries should be in sooner rather than later to confirm your space.

Register your interest on our Contact Form to help us to ensure we keep to our numbers.

Our Concepts over the past Gravel Season have seen us bring to you a mix of seal/gravel/off road - all of the very basic ingredients required for your enjoyment of taking adventure with your dual-purpose motorcycle to enjoy" Those More Out Of The Way Places" we have locked away inside of our beautiful New Zealand .  Next season promises to be equally as exciting, and we will be implementing a New Structure to our Ride Group Membership that Jim and I both run and organise.    If you like what we have organised over the coming Season you are welcome to rejoin us for yet again another exciting Season taking it to NGARNZ Stylez.  New membership forms will be mailed to our Ride Group members for renewals in the New Year. 

Highlights (a few pics at this stage) from our
10th November Waikaretu Adventure Now Available - Helmet Cam footage available shortly:
Andrew captures it very well,  TEAM EXPERIENCE as our Gravel Riders do so very well with
EXCERPT  - Our small stream crossing provided an excellent "TEAM Experience" and many chipped in to help everyone across -   A very tough day at the office for our helpers today as our bikes just kept on coming...........   This was the  "BREAKER" to  get everyone back out over the lovely gravel track that took us Roadside and out to The Caves for our "LATE" afternoon luncheon.
Go Pro Pics in from Arjan - Mike heading away over the stream crossing and takes it to The Farm Race Exit

A light reflection from The Waikaretu Beach - here Dave sits and reflects on his magic moments spent as Tail End Charlie for us over our journey here.  We are joined by Graham and his two young sons,  excellent champs int he making already at THIS age.  PHEW pocket rocket riders amongst us and going exceptionally well.

 "REFLECTIONS" - here we see "DAVE" taking a moment out to "REFLECT" on 

"REFLECTIONS" - "Mike and the V-Strom" amongst us parked up and taking a moment to "REFLECT" on it all - "ONE" very stunning day
"FARMSIDE" viewing here at Waikaretu"REFLECTIONS" - Gravel Riders Parking it up


A huge thanks must surely go to The Team at The Nikau Caves based at Waikaretu. Anne and her team worked tirelessly on our behalf,  baking and serving up a raft of goodies for our hungry Gravel Riders. I am certain our riders did not go away famished. With devonshire scones on tap for our mng tea/early lunch through to our later luncheon approximately 2:30pm when we arrived in from Beachside. This later lunch was co-ordinated to time in with local tides in the area. Thanks so very much to everyone here.

Preparing for freshly brewed coffee - Geraldine takes the FIRST PLUNGE - and of course The Good Old Fashioned Devonshire Scones were indeed  looking very   pleasant!!!
That plate is NOT going to last long when +++ The Boys Arrive ++++
Did you know that Nikau Caves also conducts Cave Tours????  If you are interested,  phone them to make your booking.  A most unique experience,  if you haven't taken the TOUR here yet,  you owe it to yourself to GO DO!!!

Dean heads in to sample some of what Anne has been baking in the kitchen whilst we have been engaged in OTHER activities
- - -   REFLECTIONS - and of course The commencement of our day - - -
Arriving at BP Bombay early mng, the bikes just kept on coming, and it wasn't long before the back entrance of the car park was taken up with our group in attendance. Sorry, my camera couldn't quite fit you all in. BUT if you missed out being captured in this scene shot, rest assured WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!!

WElcome Nic and well done on your first outing with us
The gorgeous early summer weather? combined with the great camaraderie of our Adventure Riders,  made this an excellent experience, and it looks like ONE that we will indeed be repeating again. FEBRUARY/MARCH next year is looking hotttt and we have decided to not only provide you with ONE beach experience, we will take this Concept and ADD ONTO. WE intend to tackle further coastal adventuring inside of this area and will take you further out into the LimeStone Downs area, taking in another coastal beach also. We will overnight inside of the Naike area and we will put this into place AFTER Xmas to make the very most of this experience that was so enjoyed by all who attended.  Of course, we are aware that not all of our Adventure Riders enjoy the TENT experience,  but we will cater for those that wish for bed also.  We will title this SUMMERTIME ADDITION  Waikaretu Coastal Wanderings,  and we will most definately be true to form.
Andrew - excellent colour in this pic
  We plan to make the most of our short summer this season and bring further farm tour experiences to you. Taking This Concept that one step further (oooh I am progressing from my trainers to my CLOGS) We are planning our very FIRST overnight camping experience, so iideas for Santa this XMAS may just be that TENT along with some very basic equipment that can be tacked onto the back of your Adventure bike. On the Sunday morning we will also provide to you a Sun mng "EXIT Stage HOME" Adventure Ride, just to cap this all off.
 The winner of THIS Weeks Spectro OIL 
and HiFlo Filtro Pack Award goes to Ride Group
Members Dean and Bev  -  Husband and wife team
   Thanks guys for your continued support to us

.       ****INCOMING - MOVIE TIME****
The First of our Vid Footage from helmet cam of husband and wife team of Neil and Rachel

"NEW" to us - A big welcome to "Koray" - Koray relays to us HIS beachside views

Our third Clip has just been sent in to us  via  Mike  -   freshly processed into Youtube,  so I cannot get the full detail at this stage,  but the link works,    What is it about This Beach Stuff that our Gravel Riders enjoy so very much?????

Pssst ---  We know you ALL have movie tickets booked for our vid movies - We have a mountain of vid cam footage still to be processed, and Jim and I from our TWO MOVIE SEATS here at Taupo have been fortunate to have conducted The Very FIRST viewing and have totally enjoyed - we are sure you will also.     :)
Any further pics most welcome for uploading to our
website along with any vid footage that is HOTTTT
                                        off the press sites -  Keep em coming,  everyone is
                                        enjoying.   DID YOU KNOW  ??  -   Some days
                                        our website generates anything up to 300 hits????  Is
                                        this amazing or what???

"THE GREAT TK TWISTER" -   Saturday the 24th and -----WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT  TE KAUWHATA  ???

Saturday the 24th November: and we take it "SOUTH" - What does the township of Te Kauwhata have on offer for us?? - To find out just a very small piece of that answer, and in true NGARNZ styles, we look to uncover the mystery to this dilemma

"REFLECTIONS" - Lewis seen here taking a moment out to envisage just what may lie beyond that horizon as far as the eye can see - stunning panorama
The township of Te Kauwhata - What Do YOU Know About Te Kauwhata?????
Entries now being taken for this ride here to view This Area The NGARNZ Way - unfortunately we will not have the time to visit the premises pictured above - but maybe another time!!!
If entering via our Contact Form - please ensure payments are also made in conjunction with your registration,  as entries are not confirmed until payment has been made along with.
*****JIMZ     GARAGE*****
We could not possibly end this Issue of Gravel Newz without something from the X Files that is JIMZ Garage - If you attended a rather DUSTY NGARNZ this past weekend,  this excert may just be appropriate for you.
END of SEASON   COMPETITION - question to be answered
You must be a Gravel Ride Group Member to be in on this one:  -
XMAS is looming and a question has been raised to me?? - This promises to be a goodie - so over the next month and right up until NGARNZ shuts office doors for what has been one very successful season - We Present This Question To YOU: -
The winner of this EPIC question and one that I am sure is on the minds of many -  - - -
c o m p e t i t i o n
Entries close for this question shortly -  forward your answers,  as I have a couple of my own at this stage,    The Winner By Vote from JIM will be announced here on Gravel NEWZ  -   a NGARNZ custom T will be made for our winner  and the answer must surely be a goodie!!!!!
So get entering,  we want your thoughts,  along with links,  be creative and lets see what may end up in The Gravel Riders Xmas Basket this Xmas - We will publish answers each week until we close and we will see what we come up with!!!
*****Our Team Of Supporters*****

WE thank our NGARNZ TEAM of supporters for their continued assistance to us to be able to bring to you the raft of many new and unique experiences so titled The NGARNZ Experience

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