Friday, 13 April 2012

Flat tyre Dial 0F800 Tyre Roadside Repair Service

14th Jan 2011 - Leaving Taupo on an early mng motorcyle trip to explore new surrounds aka looking for 'gravel and off-road sections' to ride.   My husband in the front with his F800GS, followed by my son Tim and pillion passenger Jess, along on Tim's big F800GS Anniversary beemer.  We were now just coming into Tauranga/Taupo after riding thru the tiny trout fishing township of Waitahanui.  Directly ahead of us we happened upon the local area service station.  Coming into trout fishing season the tiny roadside area was very busy so this was a welcome stop to pull over for a short spell.

As I was the third rider trailing along at the rear on my small Yamaha XT250cc I had of course noticed that 'back wheel' on the big beemer was NOT tracking along as it should also. The wheel was by now starting to take on an 'odd shaped appearance', (and as pillion Jess is NOT a majorly 'overweight bundle' on the back, investigation was indeed necessary). Tim having noticed the poor handling quality by now of the big bike (I mean we had travelled at least 50kms from Taupo??) it was definately time to pull over and dial '0F800 Tyre Roadside Repair Service', compliments of Jim Denham, so lucky to have Jim along at moments like these.

Jim seen here checking out that offender.  What we discovered was an amazing stud sized nail had been collected and had made a good size hole.  So good to travel so well prepared with all of the tools necessary to fix and repair punctures, along with pretty much anything else that happens along also.


  1. Awesome..welcome to the world of blogging! Does this mean i am not required any more?

    1. The more the merrier to tell a story - This is what Jim and I do and have been doing for well over 35 years now, the world of enduro, exploring where those roads lead to, now I am just starting to tell our tales of those many adventures over the years we have built up. Expect to read more primetime reading only where alll good blogsites are displayed LOL ps This pictured above (more coming soon) will be just some of the requirements we expect from our ride leaders; to also be able to conduct roadside repairs and maintenance along with excellent off roading skills. Vry handy when taking our group rides to those more Out Of The Way Places that Jim and I often head out to. Being able to conduct a standard puncture repair along with many other issues that may crop up on a standard off road explore ride invaluable. Often there will be no cellphone coverage where we ride so having that Know How a most valuable asset.