Sunday, 28 April 2013

RiverHead Forest to South Head Adventure Saturday 04th May 2013


*****Saturday the 04th May*****

"RiverHead Forest" to "South Head" Adventure Bike Ride
Travel over a small portion of thousands of acres of pristine Farm Tracks/Trails/Gravel/Sealed Roads
Great Selection of NEW Farms

Two Groups Running - Group 1 Exp

Group 2 - NEW to Adventure Bike Riding


A great chance to further those "Off The Road Skills"

A FULL day of riding,  right on the very heart of Auckland's doorstep,  no need to travel for locals,  we have it all right HERE>>>>>>>
Our "Over The Land Farm Tours" will cease shortly until "AFTER the Winter".    A great chance to get that "ONE" more in before then...

Entry is by ONLINE Registration to Attend This Event,  No Payments accepted on the day of this ride.

Anzac Day and Waikaretu Gravel Road Adventure
Thursday 25th April 2013

Mid Week Thursday and Anzac Day; a great opportunity for a Mid Week Adventure to visit Waikaretu presented itself

Mark in discussions with Jim as to the possibility of a detour and visit to a local Deer Farm prior to our planned route.  What a great way to start off a mng's adventure ride.  It's alright Mark,  we will keep a LOW key whilst we are On The Farm  :)

Great to see the sunshine,  and.... the big smiles.  Parked next to our group of riders,  the local Scoot Club were hosting their four day Adventure,  travelling in and around Taranaki.  Exiting the local BP Bombay the Scoot Riders lined up Four at a time and exited the sealed driveway with quite some passion, bringing quite a stir amongst the onlookers.   Those small wheels certainly work hard!! 



Saturday 11th May

"Best Of The West" "NEW" - Series 1 - NGARNZ "Route Sheet Mystery Adventure Bike Ride"

Can "YOU" Find THIS??? 
Stunning Farm offering Magnificent Coastal Views
Follow our Checkpoints that will lead to here..........

Entry is by online Registration ONLY,  Cut off Date must be firm for this Route Sheet Adventure Ride as Maps are being printed to order for those who have (Paid/Registered) to attend
Absolute and Final Date for Registrations
will be 08th May
WE are unable to extend this cut-off date



Adventure Bike Training Continues........................ 
"AFTER Winter",  and for "EARLY SPRING"; as we now have available to us a "GREAT" selection of superb Farms/Forestry offering perfect Ride Terrain for furthering those skills with Your Adventure Bike.....
We will take our Attendees for a full Day of Adventure - Suitable for Big Adventure Bikes through
to our New Adventure Bike Ride Attendees
We will commence with our "SMALL Group Focus" and we will be providing Level 1 through to Intermediate Level Adventure Bike Training for both Forestry Tracks/Trails along with our "Over The Land" with "Your Adventure Bike"  Series
We will further "YOUR" Education with a "FULL" day split between Riding Forestry Tracks/Trails along with "Over The Land" Skill Base,  options for a weekend Course will also be available

DON'T have an Adventure Bike??  But would like to take part??   Contact us and we can now arrange Bike Hire for you to also attend, selection of Hire Bikes available

Small Group Only for our Training Sessions to be able to offer that more One on One Attention throughout our day/weekend
 "SATISFYING",  Parked on top of one very big hilltop and admiring those views

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Surf and Turf Adventures at Awhitu

Where Land Meets The Seas - Adventures Were Had At Awhitu.......

Amidst dodgy weather over the rest of the country, the Adventure Riders were at Awhitu sharing in some New and Exciting Adventures.  On one side of the small Peninsula, we were clothed in a cloak of dark skies;  here on the other side the skies were blue,  and it was extremely warm.   Not a drop of rain all day here which made for an extremely pleasant time.  We found the grounds to still be firm and solid, so our big adventure bikes were able to take in all of the tracks and trails that we had marked out for this ride.

True to form this private Coastal Property leads us out and onto just one of our Beach Access Points

WhERE LAND MEETS THE SEAS - Duncan "Under Power" on his NEW 1200cc Tenere - All in a mng's work for This Big Bike and Rider

"TEAM KTM" - The Two Big Bike riders spotted in conversation at The Point

Stunning Coastal Views
Well done to MY Group 2 Adventure Riders - A growing number of NEW Adventure Bike Riders having fun in the sun at Awhitu.  We had just exited off one of our Private Property Blocks and were heading off to join our other group.
Our main group parked up and waiting for Group 2 to arrive.  Next stage of our ride we head off to JIMZ Voodoo Point to attempt the ramp entrance and into our luncheon destination.

The magnificent Awhitu Peninsula is a destination of contrasts - where the Tasman Sea pounds the black sands of the west coast and meets the tranquil eastern bays and Manukau Harbour

New Zealand’s most tragic shipwreck occurred at Manukau Heads when HMS Orpheus ran aground on the tidal sandbar in 1863
  • Manukau Heads Lighthouse was built in 1874
  • The restored heritage Manukau Heads Lighthouse sits proudly on the very tip of the Awhitu Peninsula and overlooks the treacherous sandbar and turbulent ocean.  This lighthouse is particularly special as it’s one of only a few in New Zealand you can actually climb to the top of

    NGARNZ brought Adventure to Awhitu, 
     This was our FIRST visit here, and we will be planning a big adventure weekend here at The Peninsula over our next summer months.  The sealed highway in and out of this area is quite misleading, in that it does not at all showcase the true MAGIC  here.    Where "SURF meets the TURF",  and an adventure bike weekend was had at Awhitu.  Suitable for All Big Adventure Bike Riders. 
    Photos in and courtesy of several of Our Ride Attendees - thanks - great to have pics available for viewing.

    NEW SERTAO and owner Thomas was presented with our CycleSpot Euro Prize Vouchers

    Thanks for your welcome assistance on our Adventure at Awhitu

    Our Spectro Oil Prize Pack was presented to another of
    our NEW Big Adventure Bike Riders Gary - Well done Gary


    Anzac day this Thursday the 25th April.  NGARNZ will run a mid week ride that will be FREE to Ride Group Members and will incur a $15 Ride Fee for Non Members.  The Ride will leave at 9:30am from BP Bombay.  WE will run TWO groups.  Group one will enjoy Limestone Downs and The Klondyke and many gravel roads that will be factored into our mng jaunt.  Group 2 - New to Adventure Bike Riding and wanting a slower paced ride and a shorter route, then this group is for you.   All levels of ability will be factored in to this mid week Thursday ride.  Both groups will join for lunch at The Nikau Caves. 

    Remembering The Anzacs
    The red poppy has become a symbol of war remembrance the world over. People in many countries wear the poppy to remember those who died in war or who still serve. In many countries, the poppy is worn around Armistice Day (11 November), but in New Zealand it is most commonly seen around Anzac Day, 25 April.

    In Flanders fields

    The red or Flanders poppy has been linked with battlefield deaths since the time of the Great War (1914–18). The plant was one of the first to grow and bloom in the mud and soil of Flanders. The connection was made, most famously, by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae in his poem 'In Flanders fields'.


    *****M ** A ** Y *****
    and.... what's on "OUR SCHEDULE"???.........
    Well,  the weather is on the change at last,  and the final of our "Over Land" Adventure Tours will soon cease.    Enjoy them whilst you still can.   

    Saturday 04th May and our Kaipara/South Head Adventure
    Entries close 28th April

    Travel over a small portion of thousands of acres of pristine Farm Tracks/Trails/Gravel/Sealed Roads
    Two Groups Running - Group 1 Exp
    Group 2 - NEW to Adventure Bike Riding

    A great chance to further those Off The Road Skills

    A FULL day of riding,  right on the very heart of Auckland's doorstep,  no need to travel,  we have it all right HERE>>>>>>>

    Our Over The Land Farm Tours will cease shortly until AFTER the Winter.    A great chance to get that ONE more in before then...

    To enter,  please make an online payment for this ride as there is NO Entry Form.  Details on our website link as detailed above.  Several Private Land Access visits included in this Adventure Tour.

    Many of our riders have mailed in to say..... -

    that SUNDAY the 12th  MAY is MOTHER's DAY????
    <<<<<AND WE WANT TO COME>>>>>
    SATURDAY 11th May   "NEW  CONCEPT"

    SATURDAY 11th May and we have our very FIRST Route Sheet
    Adventure - Can YOU Reach our Checkpoints??? and
    play for Your Share in our Pot Of Gold???
    WE aim to keep you entertained and interested over "The Winter Months" with that something a little different
    This is going to be very interesting,  Read and Follow Your Map,  Arrive at Each of our Checkpoints.  Visit several Mystery Farms,  Take a few SNAPS,  Answer some questions and TREAT yourself to a short Farm Agility Course    :)
    Points Accumulation,  As Easy as 1, 2, 3   
    1:  Arriving at each checkpoint                  
       2:  Answer those questions                           
    3:  How did you do at our Agility Course??
    The Highest Points Scorers from the day go in to the draw
    for a share in that very elusive Pot Of Gold........

    To enter for this Route Sheet Adventure,  your booking is by online payment into NGARNZ Bank Account with your name as reference and include Route Sheet as Reference details.



    June onwards will see the return of the Big Bike Adventure Rides,  based on our collection of NEW forest areas which will offer to us Ride Suitable terrain for those who enjoy touring metal/forestry roads.    WE have many NEW forest areas to tour and to explore for over our Winter Season.

    We are currently working on our "Waipu and Waipu Forest Tour". 

    Work is also underway for a BIG Adventure Weekend based on forestry we have available Up North.  WE will take you from Northland to the Coast.  This will be an overnight based weekend away.  Our tour will combine metal, forestry/off road tracks and trails and a visit to beaches.   Suitable for all to attend, and most definitely suitable for our Big Adventure Bikes.


    RE CAPPING on our WAIKAREMOANA Adventure 
    Queen's Birthday Weekend  June 02nd we commence
    Ride Begins Early Sunday Morning June 02nd
    Due to popular demand and limited accommodation at the Matawai Hotel,  this ride is now only available to Ride Group Members.  WE anticipate that there will not be enough accommodation for everyone who wishes to attend this Adventure Ride.
    Further details will be issued to those who have Registered with us to attend this Adventure Ride.

     Ride Calendar  2013 - 2014 SEason of Adventures

    Monday, 8 April 2013

    Over The Land Big Bike Adventures and What's On........

    NGARNZ WElcomes Six NEW Adventure Bike Riders
                                  BRINGS IT TO YOU RIGHT HERE
                                      INSIDE OF NEW ZEALAND!!!
        Take a look at our all NEW Gravel Newz Issues: -
                        Click on the highlighted link above

    NGARNZ would like to welcome Six NEW Adventure Bike Riders. 
    The day began with a very wet welcome,  but the taps soon eased into the OFF position and the sun beamed through again.  Some of our Attendees had just purchased NEW Bikes and are looking to begin their personal adventures to explore Those More Out Of The Way Places that we have inside of our very own country.

    We thought to add into the mix a small DESSERT ending to one very fine morning of training Over our Private Farm Block.  WE treated our riders to a NEW gravel road that led us out to the completion of our day.  Helensville was most certainly very welcome indeed.

    It was great to see so many New Big Bike riders all wanting to further their personal enjoyment from their adventure bikes.

    That brand NEW Sertao handled this terrain with ease.  WEll done Thomas with your NEW Bike.

    Gary takes a break on our NEW Gravel road before we headed into Helensville for our lunch.

    Welcome to Kevin and Cathy,  well done on your first time out Over The Farm with your collection of NEW Bikes.   I spy ANOTHER Yamaha XT250 tucked away on the inside there!!

    One very good morning's work completed

    Off Road Adventure Bike Coaching/Training

    Looking to further your skillbase and enjoy a whole NEW world of Adventures.  Small Group Coaching through to One on One personalised tailored Coaching Sessions can be arranged.

    Contact us via our link below and we can arrange to assist you,  along with organising bike hire also.
    Summer OVERLAND Tours by arrangement
    Journey OVERLAND with your adventure bike

    Our NEXT Scheduled Adventure Bike Training day
    will be held Saturday 05th October 2013
    Our Venue will be Forestry Gravel Road Terrain and will
    be suitable for all Big Adventure Bike Riders to be able to attend
    Venue: RiverHead Forest

    To Confirm your booking please contact us using our Website Link:  -

    Contact Jim Denham   on  021 517 110


    Sue Denham  on  021 036 7234
    for further information


    Contact us and discuss Where You Would like to go,  WE can take you to Those "More Out Of The Way Places" not seen in "ANY"  magazines.  As little or as many days as you require.  Package can include Bike Hire along with Accommodation/Meals etc.
    We can put together a Tour to suit YOUR Budget requirements

    Taking a Journey to Those More Out Of The Way Places - As little or as much as you may require

    Entries Close for Awhitu on April 15th

    Jim and I are back from our fourth visit to add finishing touches to our NEW Awhitu Adventure.  Our list of properties to tour is now growing.  Our visit yesterday uncovered many stunning views and a wealth of the most awesome Big Adventure Bike Terrain.  This Adventure is suitable for ALL Levels of Ride Attendees, as we will have two routes running, to cater for all abilities.

    Wow, what an amazing area and all within a very short distance from Auckland. 

    We have now added another NEW 4 x 4 track that will wind its way out to the coastline.

    We will take you to also visit an amazing Treasure Trove buried high up amongst the Sand Cliffs.  Not unheard of to unearth bones that date back many years.

    Buried Treasure comes in many forms here at The Sand Cliffs.

    NEW to Adventure Riding - We have suitable Novice tracks and trails available for this Adventure also.    We will run two ride groups over this adventure to cater for all levels of ride ability.

    Awhitu "Surf and Turf" is "ON"......  
      Saturday 20th April 2013  - 
         Don't Miss This One.....


    02nd June 2013
    Ride Group Member ONLY Ride. due to popular demand

    R E M I N D E R.............
    The busiest page on our website as at todays date is the Waikaremoana trip.  If you are looking to attend this Adventure please make your booking sooner rather than later.  The Matawai Hotel has limited accommodation and will be booked out before our 02nd June overnight stay.  For those who miss out on accommodation,  the overflow may have to be shearers quarters which may be arranged by The Hotel.

    This Ride is open to Ride Group Members only and Members will be given first priority for Accommodation and Ride Attendance


    "How To Change Your Tyre In Your Garage"

    WE frequently receive requests from our attendees with regards to learning "How To" on individual tyre changing.  Jim has written a blog issue on Tyre Changing.  This has proved very popular.

    Saturday the 04th May

    Travel over a small portion of thousands of acres of pristine Farm Tracks/Trails/Gravel/Sealed Roads
    Two Groups Running - Group 1 Exp
    Group 2 - NEW to Adventure Bike Riding

    A great chance to further those Off The Road Skills

    A FULL day of riding,  right on the very heart of Auckland's doorstep,  no need to travel,  we have it all right HERE>>>>>>>

    Our Over The Land Farm Tours will cease shortly until AFTER the Winter.    A great chance to get that ONE more in before then...

    Saturday 11th May

    Can you Find This???
      Play for YOUR Share in The NGARNZ Pot Of


                        TRAIL WITH NGARNZ


        from our "Three Forests Adventure Bike Tour" - If you would like to venture into those Private Roads "Less Travelled" contact us to arrange a Personalised Tour for you":
    Jim Denham  021 517 110     or     Sue Denham 021 036 7234

    Coromandel Adventure Bike Tour 21st July 2013
                 We will host a
     West Coast Coromandel OverLand Adventure
          February 2014
         If you would like to attend our Tour of this area we will take you on a Journey of Discovery that will NOT be viewed from any Sealed highways

    All New Editions of Gravel Newz now takes on an all New Look Format:

    *****Ride Calendar 2013 Season*****