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The Best Of The West

<<<<<NGARNZ WINTER SEASON of Adventures>>>>>

Seal/Metal Road Ride -Sunday 26th May

"Looking for a gravel road ride"?
Meet us at BP Kumeu 8:30am Sunday 26th May
Group 1    Longer distance available
Group 2    For those NEWER to riding metal/gravel roads with a shorter route available
Registrations will be taken on Sunday morning
NEW Ride Classification - This Ride Classified as being well
suited to our larger adventure bike riders in attendance

Ride Group Members FREE
NON Ride Group Members $15 per Rider
Members please bring your Membership Card or collect your cards from Sue on
Sunday Morning

Destination Cider Shed on SH1
Both groups will join at our luncheon destination

Recapping on a fine Gravel Road Ride

We have included details on our Ride Calendar Page for those who use this as their main link to our site, be on the lookout for more of these Rides Over Winter:  -

The Best Of The West - Series Number 1 -
Route Sheet Mystery Adventure

Check and Point....    And,  In Winning Place Number ONE - Contestant Wilhelm Arriving at ONE of our Check Points
Feedback has been very favourable to our "FIRST Offering" of Mystery Route Sheet Adventures.  We will shortly begin work on another Adventure for you all to enjoy also.  
Our riders enjoyed a distance of 215kilometres - Whilst LOW in kilometres - THE SEARCH and SEEKING OUT of ANSWERS to Our Questions along with Finding our CheckPoints most certainly made for one very FULL day of Adventures >>>>>  
<<<<< This pic TOTAL Commitment to Our Game,  determined to complete this mission to the FULL,  our "TEAM of PILLIONS from PUKEKOHE" would have stayed the night at our roadside accommodation>>>>>


 Someplace SOUTH will be the FOCUS of our SECOND Mystery.  MEANWHILE buried deep down in the very heart of the South itself,  we will ask you to Search out and to discover the mysteries hidden within.....        Factor in August for our SECOND Mystery Route Sheet Adventure and play our GAMES over WINTER.....

And....   In SECOND Winning Place - STEVE makes Check and Point......

THIRD Winning Spot is Taken AWAY by Thomas


Our FOURTH and final place WINNER we announce SIMON - WEll done SIMON

Jim studying The Maps to work out "WHERE" our INCOMING
Riders may have gotten to???

ANSWER to the ABOVE dilemma - "SNAPPED"  -  WORD on the STREET is that this is just ONE of the Roadside STOPS our Adventure Game Players enjoyed!!!

The tranquillity broken at last with our "FIRST Incoming" -   avoiding the one hour
wait for "KAI" Tim enjoyed a sausage roll "DAIRY Side" before arriving at The Farm

"ACTION" and our Adventure Riders are now arriving - "LET THE GAMES BEGIN"!!!
Routing our Adventure Riders to a good selection of Check Points over the day
showcasing just "SOME of THE BEST OUT THE WEST"

Collecting marked "TAGS from a bucket" located amongst a "HERD of young steers" -
interesting times ahead - "Am I a WINNER"  or  "AM I a Booby"??
Spot Prizes awarded to incoming riders with "ACTIVE tag numbers"
Thanks to our "TEAM of Supporters" for our Prizes
"OH YEAH BRO"    Another Check Point Reached.....

Check and Point.......................

Further pics and VERY HIGH HIGHLIGHTS  our Web Link Below:  -

*****Our Winners by Prize DRAW Allocations

1st    Wilhelm A           $150 Touratech Prize Voucher

2nd Steve S      Spectro Oil Pack and Filter
3rd   Thomas H            $100. Cyclespot Euro Prize Vouchers

4th   Simon H                        Muc Off Product Prize Pack


TWO Likely Lads receiving Spot Prizes - Thanks to our TEAM of Supporters for our fabulous
Spot Prizes over our Day

NGARNZ would like to welcome "NEW to Adventure Bike Riding Pauline" - Welcome to our Ride Group Pauline
Pauline seen here on her "KTM FREERIDE"


Winter Season 2013

-      Queens Birthday Weekend    Sunday 02nd June
Take a gravel road journey.  We will take you on a forestry road circuit and then on to enjoy the iconic Lake Waikaremoana circuit.  This is a metal road ride and is suitable for all big cc adventure bikes.  Pillions welcome.  

Jess had just achieved her L for Learner's License
Sue and Jess taking it TO THE WAIKAREMOANA
WOW We enjoyed    Suitable for all BIG BIKE RIDER attendees
along with all Levels of ability as we have TWO Groups
Our ride commences 9am from Mobil Lake Front Terrace which is on the corner of SH1 and Napier/Taupo highway.  Please be punctual and on time if you are looking to attend this adventure ride.  We plan to  overnight Matawai Hotel on the Sunday night.  Your accommodation bookings are for you to organise.  Details are as per our website link below. 

Please ensure that you are a Current Ride Group Member prior to the commencement of this Adventure ride.  Both Jim and I have hosted this ride specifically for our Members.  Membership Cards are available from Sue on the Sunday morning of Registration.    If you have not received a Ride Brief Report prior to the commencement of this ride please contact Sue for further information,  distance,  fuel  etc. 
We plan to run TWO Groups for this Adventure Ride 
"NEW" to riding Gravel Roads - Our "NEW Group 2" will be ideal for you to attend.  We will ride a slightly SHORTER Route and will factor in more Scenic stops enroute.  We will meet Group 1 on the Sunday evening at The Matawai Hotel.  Our Group 1 riders will enjoy a longer route.  Please ensure you attend the correct group for your comfort and personal enjoyment of our Adventure Ride.


Sunday 23rd June 2013
   "Gravel Road Riding ADVENTURE"
   RiverHead Forest to Topuni to Waipu Forest

   This Adventure Bike Ride is suitable for all cc Adventure Bike Attendees
   Small cc bikes to 1200cc Bikes
   This is a Gravel Road Ride Adventure

TWO Groups will be running
GROUP 1 Longer Distance
GROUP 2 Shorter Route with Additional Scenic stops
Both groups will meet for lunch

Registration details will be available shortly

July - Tairua/Whangamata
Sunday July 21st
Suitable for ALL cc Adventure Bikes
Ride the Gravel Roads through Tairua to Whangamata Forestry  combined with local Gravel Roads in the area
*****Registration Forms available soon*****
August - SOUTH -
*****Mystery Route Sheet Adventure Ride*****
SERIES    take  Number  2
Can YOU Play The Game???
S U N D A Y  and we bring  Y O U another SERVING
Gravel/Seal Combination

*****N E W*****
14th/15th September - Northland Forests Adventure Bike Weekend

NEW Gravel and Forest Gravel Roads - Continuing on with our NEW Season of Gravel/Forestry Gravel Roads - We bring you our very first Northland Forest Adventure Tour

Suitable for all big adventure bike riders/pillion passengers

Registration Forms will be available SOON to secure one of a small amount of available accommodation - Be in early to secure your spacing for this NEW Adventure.  This Northland area hosts a wide range of Musician Arrangements over this September Season.  To ensure that we manage to secure our ontime accommodation bookings, deposits will be taken from interested riders to secure our available accommodation.  Bookings not met by our Close Off Date,  you will need to secure accommodation if available at the later dates.

Ride Package will include ONE nights accommodation Northland based along with Saturday night dining and also Sunday morning breakfast.

Ride will commence from Whangarei 10am Saturday morning and we will be travelling through private forestry blocks with gravel roads running out and along the Coastline.  Full Weekend of Riding.    These New Private areas have not been ridden by NGARNZ before. 


*****NEW CONCEPTS*****

Just recently Comments To Hand as to "WHERE is NGARNZ headed"??  Has our focus altered??  In previous Gravel Newz editions we highlighted to our Ride Group Members that we must DIVERSIFY to cater for ALL adventure riders who wish to share in our adventures/journeys and our tours.  We now have a wide variety of makes and models of adventure bikes amongst us,  and these also vary in the cc ratings attending also.  The skill levels of our ride attendees also just as extremely varied.

"Our MUST" with future diversifying, will see us continue with the enjoyment of touring private Farming Stations and private properties over summer months, when the grounds are perfect for ANY cc of adventure bike to be traversing over.  It is our job to ensure suitable Ride Terrain to take you all through, in our efforts to showcase to our attendees those More Out Of The Way Places,  that we have brought to you to date.  Whilst we provide well suited Ride Terrain,  it is also your duty to ensure that you ride within the correct Ride Group for each adventure.

Over Winter,  we will once again return to riding and exploring Gravel/Metal Roads well suited to ALL cc of Adventure Bikes and Riders.  WE now have to hand a comprehensive collection of NEW Private Forest Blocks around our country.  These will be put to great use for the future of NGARNZ Ride Terrain. 

We will begin to introduce a Grading Component to our forthcoming Adventure Bike Riding.  Bear in mind that it is quite normal for us to run TWO Routes, as we have done in the past.  If you are NEW to Adventure Riding do come and join us and ride in Group 2.  As we advertise and promote our rides on our website our photos highlight exceptionally well the terrain you can expect to be travelling over.  Quite often Jim will take his LARGE cc adventure bikes over this terrain to highlight that this is indeed well suited to our larger cc bike rider attendees.   Our Group 2 travels at a slower pace and we also enjoy a shorter route, but we do take in a sampling of the expected Ride Terrain.  By being a regular ride attendee at our adventures you will quickly build up your skill base.  WE will also continue to host regular training sessions, and some can also be by One on One arrangement with Jim to personally tailor assistance to your individual requirements.  If you are struggling within the Ride Group at rides,  contact us for personalised coaching so that we can assess your needs,  or join in with our second group also accompanying us on the day.

A further question was mailed to us just recently, and one that we have not come across before??,  The question read  "WHAT IS A METAL ROAD?"
As stated, over winter we will be riding combinations of Seal/Gravel/Metal Roads as we look to find suitable Ride Terrain to keep our Adventure Bike riders with well suited Adventure Riding over the Winter Months.    I know you are now all interested to know the answer to this unusual question??   Jim's answer read:  - 
Hi, Metal road is another terminology  for gravel road or sealed road. Metal standing for broken stone or crushed rock that can lay in it’s natural state on a roadway to form a gravel road or can be used as one of the components to form a tar sealed road.
   Try using Google and all will be explained   :)
BMW 1200cc Adventure Bike well suited for riding standard
Forestry Metal/Gravel Roads
Stretching through our Private Forestry Blocks,  Management install Metal/Gravel Roads to assist Forestry Operations with entering and exiting these blocks.  Quite often these forestry blocks will be very well maintained, and there is only minimal vehicle traffic use inside of these areas.  These Roads are ideal for our larger and heavier dual purpose adventure bikes, and make a most ideal Ride Terrain for over the Winter Months.  Riding a variety of metal based surfaces is also paramount to furthering your ability to handle your adventure bike over bumpier terrain than you would not experience on Sealed Roads.  This riding will also assist you with your adventure bike riding.  Our comprehensive pictures featured on our website adequately show Ride Terrain that you can expect to encounter.  Forestry Roads must be well manicured to house the very heavy logging trucks that will be extensively using Operation areas.  Our Forestry Adventure Rides will also consist of TWO Ride Groups.  We understand those NEW to Adventure Bike Riding may wish to dabble in what we offer, and to also sample in these experiences.     Enjoy, and we will keep you posted in our future editions of Gravel Newz.  If you are ever unsure as to Ride Terrain on our rides please contact and we will detail personally to you.  
A Range of our Larger cc Adventure Bikes enjoying the
well maintained surfaces inside of our private forest


Hard Packed Metal/Gravel Roads - PERFECT for Large Adventure Bike Riders




Well maintained Metal/Gravel Roads - Ideally suited to Large Adventure Bike Riders



AND Finally PEOPLES  -  This is all I can say about riding Gravel Roads
inside of Forestry Blocks - Pics tell the absolute Ride Terrain suitability!!



Overseas adventure ride planned for July/August 2014 riding the 6,500+ km 
* Ride would start on the East coast from the  state of Tennessee and finish in Oregon state, on the West coast of the USA then dropping down to Los Angeles, California.

* This ride is totally offroad and will take in the US back country including many
 alpine passes. Each day drop back off the trail into a local town for motel room accommodation or camp?

* Navigate the route by route sheet and GPS.

* Click on the links below to find out what the ride consists of; 
     Trans America Trail.pdf  

* Option 1)  At present the idea is to purchase new bikes at the start of the ride and either sell at the completion of the ride or ship back home. Possible bike choice New Honda XR650L’s at NZ $8,100 approx. + ORC or similar. You would need to add NZ $1200  approx. worth of accessories, improvements to each bike.

( Preferred option )
* 6 weeks duration approximately  (40 days)

* Option 2)  Ship our own bikes from NZ and return. This option would add an extra 5 - 6 days to the trip as we would have to ride the bikes across the US from West to East (not all bad) before starting the trail. Adding another 3,600 km’s to the trip, incurring more accommodation, shipping both ways and bond (carnet) costs.

* To be organised on a cost only basis (non profit)
* If interested/ require further information contact   & state    which option you would prefer.


Moto GP coverage for 2013 season
For those that are interested below is the link to watch the current Moto GP season. It is delayed coverage usually up to 2 or 3 days after the races have been held but if you don’t hear the result beforehand it’s as good as watching live. Seeing as Sky are not showing any rounds I haven’t heard any delayed results on TV or radio so you should be fairly safe watching this delayed coverage without encountering the results beforehand. All three classes are covered. When you open the link follow the instructions as stated.
   Either watch on your PC or connect PC to TV and enjoy. If the video stalls at times try clicking on the resolution button ( bottom right on video screen ) to change the settings to lower pixels. Standard setting is auto and should work okay.
You can thank one of the ride group members for finding us this link. Thanks Nic!




What has Jim been working on THIS WEEK???

*    Suzuki DR 650SE Acerbis tank  upgrade

For the full story click the link below:


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Adventure OUT WEST - - Another NGARNZ Adventure

Next Saturday 11th May -
An Adventurers Guide To The Best Of The WEst

  "Buy The Ticket and Take The Ride" - This is our "Very FIRST Route Sheet Adventure",         
                                                 This Promises to Be That  "Something Quite Different"

We have made this to be interesting and with a focus to keeping you amused over the day.  Spot Prizes on the day along with competing for your coveted share in the NGARNZ Pot Of Gold.  ps  Sharing answers to our questions may see you OUT of a winning contenders spot.... Be cautious....   AIM TO BE A WINNER............   :) (Good humour intended)

     Guide Yourself Around the Best Of The West - Enter as a Single Rider or join in as part of a NGARNZ Riders Team

Entries close off "This Wednesday" for this "West Auckland" Based Event

Please use our Contact Form to let us know if you will be entering as a Single Rider or competing as part of a NGARNZ TEAM

Maps or Route Sheets will be presented to you inside of an A4 plastic bag or a completed and made up Route Sheet, ready for you to insert inside of your Route Sheet Holder next Saturday morning prior to the commencement of this Event.

Documents will be printed out Thursday of this week for this Event.  Please ensure you
have Registered with us before Wednesday of this week if you wish to take part.

Further details,  aka meet up times and fuel requirements will be mailed to those entered participants.  If unsure as to whether you have registered to attend with us,  please contact us via our Contact Form on the below link:




What to expect?  Where are we headed?  What will we find out on those trails today?

Adventuring "High up into the Hills" on our "FIRST West Farming Station" for the morning, the group came across a  very uncomfortable "LOCAL Resident" that had been trapped for quite some time between this fencing wire.  Riders soon got to work on assisting and freeing the animal.    Our wild deer had sustained quite a nasty wire cut on the hock. 

"Our Adventure Ride Out West"
The widespread and publicised atrocious weather forecast for our planned Adventure on  Saturday, still provided us with ONE very FANTASTIC morning. Unfortunately we had to cancel "ONE" of our featured and most gorgeous coastal properties. This Farm having won a "Prestigious Farming Award". WE managed to replace this with another property that had a large portion of metal tracks/trails running throughout which provided adequate grip for our larger adventure bikes in the event the skies would break lookse on us sooner than expected. Altering our Ride Terrain on Saturday, we will now host an adhoc ride in the future spring/summer months to "Show Case the Private Lands" of our Prestigious Farming Block. It was great to see so many "All Weather" Adventure Bike Riders coming out to play even though the forecast provided us with a most unfavourable outlook.


The day begins with a most gorgeous and fine morning, amidst the sad weather forecast due to descend upon us all.  Jim reads out our mornings Ride Briefing Details before we commence for some Adventures.
Arriving at our FIRST West Farming Station for the morning.  The gates are open and our Adventure Riders are OFF - Adventures AWAIT...... 
Joining Me in Group 2 for this Adventure "Heather" - Second time out and NEW to Adventure Bike Riding.  "WEll done Heather".  The two of us tackled some quite steep hill climbs and both pushed ourselves up the ladder on Saturday.....    WE had a fantastic adventure and were quite proud of our achievements.  One steepish and very corrugated hill offering took us both by surprise,  "Surprise Met HEAD ON"  "Keep the GAS ON was exercised well here",,,,  "Ticked off and on to the Next Surprise",,,...  "NEC Minute Steep and corrugated Decline"....  "and over the bank we go",  rolling these small machines DOWN Steep Banks is completely DO ABLE as we both discovered.  Wow,  what a workout, and what an adventure.  Time for that drink I think!!!
Yes, tracks leading right across the valley.  Amazing views from high atop these big hills.  Adventure Bike riders can just be seen crossing the plains below. 
For Heather and I, our adventures now kicked off to a second level.  Accelerating quickly up one very corrugated hill we came to a sudden halt atop a pile of smooth rocks which had now become embedded underneath the back wheels of the small cc bikes.  Time to clear out the pathways before descending once again. 
Lunch at Helensville and we are headed out towards South Head to take in a further Adventure and coastal views.  The weather is now on the turn. 
Quote/unquote  "THE LAST RIDERS STANDING"  goes to Sue and Heather.  Waiting at the forestry h q gates to tour Forest Tracks and Trails on our conclusion for our day,  NO ONE showed to join in with us??? 
Whilst the remainder of our Adventure Ride Group departed for warmer home climes,  Heather and I waited patiently for at least 30 mins at the gates to partake of more Adventures.  WE were both very much looking forwards to concluding our day Forest Side rather than ending our journey via the sealed roadways.  The rain was now so thick,  my camera had decided enough was enough.  So,   sorry "NO LAST RIDERS STANDING PIC" could be taken.    CLASSIC, and what a MISSED Opportunity!!!


******In From JIMZ Garage*****
Preparing for NGARNZ FIRST Route Sheet Adventure Ride


A N D..........................

This Week  DR650 Stuff


NGARNZ Ride Calendar
01st February 2013 - 31st January 2014
NEW SEason of Adventures
*****Now on our Ride Calendar just some of the
important stuff*****
-     Featuring Membership and How To Become a Ride Group Member
-     About us - Jim and Sue - How we run and organise the many NGARNZ Events for this NEW Season of Adventures
-     Adventure Bike Training and Bike Hire
Personalised Sessions and One on One Coaching with
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