Thursday, 21 June 2012


NGARNZ Riders Page of Fame - GSA JESSICA Adventure Girl

SPOTLIGHT on our big BMW GSA Adventure Bike
Scenes from the now MANY NGARNZ Adventure Rides that JESSICA has attended

Jessica joins us for an explore over the private lands of Poronui, this girl does indeed enjoy her stream crossings!!

Jessica the big GSA takes it - this was our entranceway to begin the start of our adventure ride at Poronui         Wow what a way to begin an adventure

NGARNZ hosted Poronui Adventure Ride on the Saturday and many wished
for that little bit more on the Sunday,   so off to explore Waitahanui
The Sunday AFTER Taupo Poronui Adventure Ride, Jessica ventures out to explore Waitahanui, and decided to take a bath in The Waitahanui Streambed,  oh dear,  her owner has his work cut out for him
Jessica making a spot of afternoon work for her owner - He tells us the KTM was In The Way!!!  Blame it on "Team Orange"

Oh well,  looking all good to go again, those panniers can now be re assembled and emptied out

Yes, we came to visit Waitahanui and we have conquered - we will be back again

After the small ENCOUTER at Waitahanui and Jessica joins the Group as they head off to explore The Poutu Canals

Jessica the Big GSA joins for a small explore amongst the sand dunes at South Head forest
And, finally, this story would not quite be complete without the OVERSEAS exploits of Jessica and Alan
YOU HAVE BEEN INDUCTED INTO THE PAGE OF.........................

Northern Gravel Adventure Riders NZ
Adventure Riding In New Zealand Is Looking Very GOOD

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