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2013 and Our NEW Season of Adventures Begin

Ride Calendar - 2013 is here - and NGARNZ 
"New Season of Adventures" unveils 

NEW Gissy South Rangers - NEW October BIG Labour Weekend 2013
Watch out for this one - gravel/tracks/trails/stream crossings - "FULL" BIG Weekend of Riding
Our Ride Calendar for the "New Season" is looking great, and you have probably noticed we are taking full advantage of the summer climes currently being bestowed upon us.   We have factored in many OVERLAND visits before the cold and wet sets in again.   Over winter we have New Forests and gravel roads to be explored, that will offer to us firm tracks and gravel road riding well suited to our bigger adventure bikes in attendance.

The first quarter of this "New Season" we open with a gravel road ride to Puhoi - our ultimate destination that of "The Cheese Factory".  Saturday January the 26th - Meeting time 9am (not 10am) as advertised on our website. Meet place  BP Kumeu.
New Season - New Membership 01st Feb 2013 - 31st Jan 2014
With the "New 2013 Season" now fast approaching us, our New Membership kicks off on February the 01st.  Membership to our Ride Group is designed for those looking to be regular ride attendees, and our Ride Members will enjoy further discounted adventure rides.

February 09th 
Light hearted humour as I attempt to heave up the
 big 1200cc GS - giggles soon turned to
amazement - yes I DID IT  and YOU CAN TO!!!
     "New" BASIC LEVEL 1 Adventure Training;  designed for those looking to take on and tackle those gravel and off roads and needing to learn some valuable and NEW skills.  You may even be looking to UPSKILL on your existing BAG of SKILLS.  WE all reach a certain level with our off road riding and often it can be that small missing link that may be hampering us from furthering our ability to realise our Adventure Dreams.  We have tailored our NEW round of adventure training with Jim D as fitting into a small group 
theme.  This will adequately cater for your individual needs, and to be able to offer that more one on one approach to your New learning skills.   With our larger group training in the past 2012 Season, we have had many varying ride abilities and this can make it tougher for those fairly NEW to riding gravel and/or those looser surfaces.

February 23rd/24th

     and we host the very FIRST of our Weekend AWAY rides with the explore of the Awakino area.  This weekend adventure takes in a full compliment of OVERLAND Adventures that will combine both gravel/off road portions/farm tracks and trails,  along with a visit via a private property block to a beach.  Our journey here commences from Awakino 9am on the Saturday morning.  You may require an overnight stay on the Friday night to make it on time for the beginning of our tour here.  We do plan to overnight both Friday/Saturday nights at our Awakino based accommodation and will begin our tour that takes us out and into ARIA.  One or both nights have been factored into our Ride Package as being part of our planned adventure here.

  For those wishing to overnight and travel down early morning on the Friday, Jim will be leading a group into Awakino through many back country/gravel roads.  Family members can also be catered into this weekend and will be supplied with a Scenic Agenda with places/areas of interest to be visited whilst we are enjoying our adventure.  Should you wish to accompany over the weekend and enjoy the Scenic Adventures, please arrange your transport for your adventure day.  WE will all meet back at the Awakino Hotel for our Saturday planned evening dining.  Registration forms available on request via our website - on our Contact Form enter CODE AWAKINO.  Entries close 18th February 2013.

MARCH 2013
03rd March - we host a RiverHead Sizzling Summer Fest at RiverHead Forest

Two groups will be running for this locally based Summer of Adventure.  There will be many NEW dissused and aged tracks/trails that we will be able to showcase and enjoy as the sun sizzles here over this clay based forest in the very heart of Auckland itself.  Further details for this adventure ride will be available on our website by the end of this week.

Wow, what a contrast to the hot sunny day we had at RiverHead Forestry today,  time for a nice cool off in the stream crossing also.  Magic,  and it totally was.    The link below from Photographer Gus recaps on a Revisit we made to the local clay based forestry at RiverHead where our riders experienced a load of very wet and slippery conditions.  All the elements rolled together to make for one very fine day out amongst it all.  Photo below highlights some very fine handywork by our team in attendance.  Takes a little more than a flat to stop this bunch as the photo link on our NEW webpage will reveal below:

4000  Hectare Private Station at Taumarunui

16th/17th March 2013 and we have an adventure planned that takes from Taumarunui over to Tongariro National Park.  Our Journey begins, and we will visit and journey out to a "NEW" Private Station at Taumarunui, which comprises of over 4000 hectares firstly, then will finish off with adventures that we have planned at Tongariro, National Park.  This will be one very FULL day of adventures.  On the Sunday for those who are not finished with their adventures, we will take you over to a THIRD Private Staion.  If timing allows we may get to enjoy a spot of traversing, which will be ridden with a Group Theme in mind.    WE have a FULL weekend of riding here and we will be overnightting at Whakapapa for this weekend.  If you missed our 15th December 2012 Xmas Breakup Ride you won't want to miss this weekend.  
  MISS the 42nd Traverse???   WHY WOULD YOU???  Don't let this opportunity slip past you, as with winter setting in this will be our last visit to Tongariro, National Park now before next summer.  Entries close 01st March 2013.

This adventure combines Private Stations located on our Journey from Taumarunui to National Park

30th March 2013 and we journey to Taranaki - Here we take in the famous Taranaki Tunnel Tour along with many Private Stations and also a Private Forestry Block.  Mixing it up,  is what this tour will be all about.  We also have TWO further Tunnels located on Private Property and will most definately be looking to explore these also.  This Weekend Away will require both an overnight stay at the Awakino Hotel on both the Friday and Saturday nights as we have TWO very full days of riding available over this weekend.  We have Ride Leaders for both the Advanced Group and our New Mid Rangers group.  If you have attended our Taranaki Tunnel Tours over the last season, this tour has many NEW elements added into this mix.  Details will be available along with your registration forms to attend this weekend mid February.

With such an action packed Ride Calendar for the first quarter of this New Season - We feel we have great variety and a ride to suit everyone.  There is also a Ride Group to suit all Levels of ability. 


The Winner of our Xmas T Competition must surely go to BEV with her FAMOUS rendition relating to a seat for the DR Rider.  So good in fact,  it just had to be................. although Ollie did come in almost tie with his answer to  - GOLD PLATED LEAVE PASSES

Here we have asked an "Age-Old Question" Which Needs To Be Answered: - "What Is On An Adventure Riders Wish List For Xmas"???   (Winning Answer from Bev)

You asked the age old question
What an Adventure Rider wish would be
So I put on my thinking cap
And this is my summary
No bike seat is any harder
Than a Suzuki DR650
So a new seat or more padding
Is the obvious choice for me
A bike inter phone would be handy
I could chat though the headset
And tell Dean that my bum was numb
And cry 'aren't we there yet?"

I hope I win this t-shirt
I would wear it with such pride
And if it didn't fit me
It could be padding for my backside!

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