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RiverHead Forest to South Head Adventure Saturday 04th May 2013


*****Saturday the 04th May*****

"RiverHead Forest" to "South Head" Adventure Bike Ride
Travel over a small portion of thousands of acres of pristine Farm Tracks/Trails/Gravel/Sealed Roads
Great Selection of NEW Farms

Two Groups Running - Group 1 Exp

Group 2 - NEW to Adventure Bike Riding


A great chance to further those "Off The Road Skills"

A FULL day of riding,  right on the very heart of Auckland's doorstep,  no need to travel for locals,  we have it all right HERE>>>>>>>
Our "Over The Land Farm Tours" will cease shortly until "AFTER the Winter".    A great chance to get that "ONE" more in before then...

Entry is by ONLINE Registration to Attend This Event,  No Payments accepted on the day of this ride.

Anzac Day and Waikaretu Gravel Road Adventure
Thursday 25th April 2013

Mid Week Thursday and Anzac Day; a great opportunity for a Mid Week Adventure to visit Waikaretu presented itself

Mark in discussions with Jim as to the possibility of a detour and visit to a local Deer Farm prior to our planned route.  What a great way to start off a mng's adventure ride.  It's alright Mark,  we will keep a LOW key whilst we are On The Farm  :)

Great to see the sunshine,  and.... the big smiles.  Parked next to our group of riders,  the local Scoot Club were hosting their four day Adventure,  travelling in and around Taranaki.  Exiting the local BP Bombay the Scoot Riders lined up Four at a time and exited the sealed driveway with quite some passion, bringing quite a stir amongst the onlookers.   Those small wheels certainly work hard!! 



Saturday 11th May

"Best Of The West" "NEW" - Series 1 - NGARNZ "Route Sheet Mystery Adventure Bike Ride"

Can "YOU" Find THIS??? 
Stunning Farm offering Magnificent Coastal Views
Follow our Checkpoints that will lead to here..........

Entry is by online Registration ONLY,  Cut off Date must be firm for this Route Sheet Adventure Ride as Maps are being printed to order for those who have (Paid/Registered) to attend
Absolute and Final Date for Registrations
will be 08th May
WE are unable to extend this cut-off date



Adventure Bike Training Continues........................ 
"AFTER Winter",  and for "EARLY SPRING"; as we now have available to us a "GREAT" selection of superb Farms/Forestry offering perfect Ride Terrain for furthering those skills with Your Adventure Bike.....
We will take our Attendees for a full Day of Adventure - Suitable for Big Adventure Bikes through
to our New Adventure Bike Ride Attendees
We will commence with our "SMALL Group Focus" and we will be providing Level 1 through to Intermediate Level Adventure Bike Training for both Forestry Tracks/Trails along with our "Over The Land" with "Your Adventure Bike"  Series
We will further "YOUR" Education with a "FULL" day split between Riding Forestry Tracks/Trails along with "Over The Land" Skill Base,  options for a weekend Course will also be available

DON'T have an Adventure Bike??  But would like to take part??   Contact us and we can now arrange Bike Hire for you to also attend, selection of Hire Bikes available

Small Group Only for our Training Sessions to be able to offer that more One on One Attention throughout our day/weekend
 "SATISFYING",  Parked on top of one very big hilltop and admiring those views

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