Sunday, 13 May 2012

Riding The Klondyke and a visit to The Nikau Caves

Northern Gravel Adventure Riders Nz     presents

My Farewell ride for Tim and Jess - "Riding The Klondyke and our visit to Nikau Caves"

John and Jim in discussions re additions and alterations

to the new KTM690cc adventure bike

 Stopping roadside at a nice wooded clearing, it was great to simply take it all in
Roadside debate, discussions and then more........   those views in the background, simply stunning!!!!  
New to us Andrew, welcome to NGARNZ - look forwards to catch up sooon

 The KTM looks out onto The Limestone Downs - very nice and scenic settings, DAVID that ADV bike is not looking lonely anymore - another has now joined the flock.

 Good chance to take a break under those shady tree canopies - the views looking out in the distance stunning, at this point we still had another hour to go before we would reach our lunch break - forever our finest from time before we present  "MR HANDLEBARS" -   that riding is not looking toooo shabby there Ian - ps  I hear a spot prize was presented for Services Of Merit To The Gravel Riders Fraternity!!!!   oooh  facebook pic please of goodies????
Welcome to our new pillion rider in attendance today Janet - Rider at the wheel of   PAUL - I DID NOTICE the big stick was OUT TODAY Janet,  you have my total permission,   BEAT  AWAY!!!

 Tim details to Sharon and Steve  "How Short Is Toooo Short people????   Sharon is slightly amused - Steve, well Steve is ALWAYS amused especially when adorned with that bright fluoro vestie!!!  Oh yes looking rather hot there!!!

Yes that F650GS looks great parked-up next to the new DAKAR SERTAO - TWO partners in KLONDYKE crimes
 Arriving at The Nikau Caves - lovely settings
Parked up for a short luncheon at The Caves - Centre Stand Room ONLY Folks!!!!

Jim heads off the KTM riders - early afternoon and Jim has another stretch of gravel that leads out homewards via more gravel based roads.
A big welcome to new NGARNZ member Bernard from Taupo - Bernard joined us from our Pureora Forestry Explore TourExit strategy from The Nikau Caves and the boys head off to take in another short stretch of gravel roads before we exit back into Auckland

STEVE on the Yamaha 660 - this bike TAKES NO PRISONERS - BEWARE
The journey home - and we take the road that leads through Limestone Downs - only a short piece of about 20mins of gravel roads but time to take a short stop on my way home and wait for the boys to chase me down,  I parked up and waited roadside as MY journey home was of the scenic kind and a chance to take in my surrounds, a short stop outside a local barn was great as I waited for the group to head down via The Downs.
Parking up and waiting for the lads
 A quick ride over very bumpy gravel roads that are in much need of re-grading before the winter - many have thick chunks of limestone protruding through the earth.  We take a short break at Port Waikato and marvel at the incoming tide.  Time to say goodbyes.

Port Waikato is on the south bank of the Waikato River at its outflow into the Tasman Sea, in northern New Zealand. Now a small town with a population of under 300, it was an important port during the New Zealand Land Wars of the 19th century. The Port has a Wharf Store, established 1893, a take-away shop, library, community hall, fire station, surf club, yachting club and an active fishing club.
Port Waikato is a well-known surfing and whitebaiting destination and a popular holiday spot. Fish can be caught off the rocks and surf beach, and off the sand dunes that border the river mouth. Flounder and Mullet are also plentiful using drag nets. It is also one of the only place dinosaur fossils can be found in New Zealand.
Just south of the town are spectacular limestone outcrops where Weathertop from the Lord of the Rings footage was shot.
A school camp was established near the town in the 1920s.

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  1. We planned an adventure to ride the famous Klondyke and to take a visit to The Nikau Caves. The Gravel Riders led by Jim Denham had an amazing ride and took in some very stunning scenery. Back home we journeyed out via Port Waikato. Magic day, excellent company and stunning scenery.