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Atiu Regional Park and The Cider Shed

Gravel Newz - 09th October 2012

Out and about - Why wouldn't you??   After the big storms we have been blasted with just recently, many had mailed their concerns as to whether Sunday was going to be a green light for us"But" someone upstairs presented it on "That PLATE" to us, and we soaked it up (pics tell the tale here). 
It was a tough job to wake some of the lads as they enjoyed a brief snooze in the SUNSHINE (unheard of)  SEAN caught napping ON THE JOB,  oh well time for more, and down to the beach we go

 The dust was even well on queue today also, something we have been unused to for quite some time.  Our Sunday Gravel Adventure Road Ride saw Neil put HIS TOM TOM to good use - hmmm a few tales to be told here,  estimated arrival time to "The Cider Shed" approx one hour after we actually arrived,  but our group moved along  exceedingly well-ahead of schedule.  Being so "well ahead" of our timing, saw us lunch earlier than expected and we missed another of our Gravel Riders incoming.  Sorry, Dougie,  we will catch up with you again soon we hope.   (Power to The TOM TOM!!!)  

BOYS and THOSE Toys - You simply cannot take our lads anywhere -  With time on hand to fill in a few moments before our lovely CATH served us our lunch,  our Gravel Riders certainly did not sit idle waiting for the kitchen,  Well done, >>>>>Time well spent we think  !!!  Go PAUL,  oops  it looks like that wheel has come off your RIDE  >>>>>>>>>>

 Joining us for our day we had many NEW Ride Group members also, and we hoped they enjoyed their time with us.  Our Gravel Family is expanding each ride, and we now have a wide and diverse cross-selection of ride skills along with makes and models of dual-purpose adventure bikes.  

 Now, as I sit here looking at the pics from over our day, it is obvious that this" SPAT of SUNSHINE"  bought out some mischievous frolics and antics from amongst certain individuals.  It was quite interesting to view these things, and made for quite a humorous day. A story unfolds here,  a CERTAIN lady adventure rider taking QUEUE from the LADS in THE BUSHES,  now it seems we have a BIRDETTE in THE BUSHES.
Taking one of our Re-Group roadside breaks,  our lady rider  attempts to JOIN the lads with a BUSHSTOP?????   (It is the sunshine that is doing this,  I know it)   I am still laughing with this one!!!  hmmm now what's next???
 Many of us decided MORE gravel road riding PLEASE, so Neil buckled under the pressure of our demands and we followed our leader once again out for a visit to The Atiu Regional Park. 
Am I seeing DOUBLE DR trouble here???
WE think so >>>>>>   Paul agrees  as he came "To The Rescue" - our new DR sustained HER first Roadside Rescue.  Owning a NEW bike leaves the lucky recipient with a raft of new issues to deal with,  ONE-of   being,   when one refuels one's bike and tightens that screw cap, one must ensure the line does NOT have a kink in it.  hmmmm a learning curve here as the DR coughed and spluttered to a very abrupt halt.  Being left wondering,  what on earth????     I soon discovered the black line with The Kink....  (The Sunshine,  it really all is)
For More, on this theme and what we got up to on Sunday, visit this link below, you might like to join US next ride:
And YES, just when we had maybe witnessed the effects of  toooo much of The Good that sunshine has ultimately bought to the Gravel Riders,   NO,   there really WAS more,  we concluded our awesome day at Kaukapakapa with a most unique presentation process for our Spectro Z prize pack.  A selection of The Loose Stuff was found from the nearby premises aka roadside, and squirrelled away into the palms of our husband and wife team (seen pictured here)  it was very interesting when the remaining recipients were asked - Which one of these two would YOU collect an object from the palm of???   Hardly containing myself  GORDON seen here  took the bait nicely and procured for himself the CORRECT round object from our PEACE loving pic filler-inner and was duly awarded our Spectro Z oil prize pack and Hi Flow Filter - well done GORDON 
:::::What Do We Have Coming Up In November::::::
<<<<<November, and we take it out SOUTH>>>>>
*****November 10th -  We have been busy mapping out a full day of Adventure Riding to bring to our Adventure Riders.   This ride will take us out and over at least four private-property access blocks, which will offer stunning coastal views.  We will travel acrosss private property and ride over an airstrip also.  Tracks/trails and 4 x 4 tracks.  
Beach access here is all by private land access.  We have timed this ride in with the tides and we should enjoy quite a nice stint out along the beach.  We will have time to view the Pinnacles,  this was a very wild area today when we visited, spray being tossed about as those big waves crashed down.  Awe inspiring watching the wild coastal surf breakers smash down onto the rocks.  Jim even spied a seal sunning itself on the rocks also.  Wow factor here. Fresh mussels to be harvested on those rocks also.
 If you wish to take this in,  we will assist all to be able to attend this and to view this private area.  It was wonderful watching the wildlife strutting around also.  hmmm fresh Turkey steaks looking very real. 
We have co-ordinated this ride to include a pre-set menu that will be cooked by the cook in the Nikau Caves kitchen.  HMMMM I wonder what she will be serving us all up????
For details on this ride visit our website link below:
*****November 24th - Here we take a visit to Te Kauwhata and we will see what this areas has to offer.    Details on this one to hand shortly.
Labour Weekend - October 20th - 22nd - We visit East Cape and take in The Motu and more.....
Wow, what a busy time we have at the moment,  with little over a week to go, and counting DOWN to our Labour weekend extravaganza, *****this TOUR is now sold out*****
We will host this tour again here in this area next year due to popular demand


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