Monday, 11 February 2013

Training and RiverHead Forest Roads

TRAINING  at RiverHead Forest -  and we hosted our very first Level 1 Session for the NEW Season.  We geared our Session around those wanting that more technique approach to the riding and exploring that is metal roads.  Our venue just perfect for this.  With the total fire ban Auckland wide we tailored our first Session around a very small area of varying forestry road surfaces.  Our focus this Season is to host smaller group trainings, so to be able to offer to our participants that little bit more one on one time with our instructors.  With such an amazing response for our first intake, we needed to host two sessions to adequately cater for everyone on this basis.  

Group 1 arrives ready to begin our mng session
 Early 7am Saturday mng had arrived, and our first group met us anxiously roadside.  It was lovely to be presented with nice cool temperatures at this early hour.  Very pleasant.  With so very much to cover over our day,  this cooler start was well received.   The hours quickly wore on, and it soon became apparent that the sun was going to make her most overwhelming appearance,  and layers were quickly being peeled off.   Thanks to our helpers over the day,  excellent to have the support of a great skilled team of NGARNZ adventure riders.  Thanks to all of those who tirelessly assisted over the course of this training day.  It all combined together to make for an excellent day.

Group 2 Reports 1pm - and The Sun is Bearing Down Upon Everyone
WE promise you that upon opening this link below,  you will be treated to a little humour from one of our budding camera attendees!!!

As we are currently facing a "FIRE BAN" Auckland wide, we will commence to host our Level 1 "OFF the beaten Road" Adventure Course,  where we will break down a series of tracks/trails/ruts and detail these.  You will face a series of roads over your DAY, and we will rotate you between various course exercises, so to keep the group moving throughout.  This course will be made up of theory and also practical.  One goes hand in hand with the other.

Along with this "NEW Concept",  we will shortly also host a SAND Riding Practise Day, all of these courses will be suitable for our BIG ADVENTURE Bikes.  Jim D  will personally set these up.  As you can see below,  we are now offering a raft of "NEW" and exciting terrain to be tackled.  Upskilling is invaluable to be able to tackle all terrain surfaces that may be presented to you when YOU are "OUT and ABOUT":.  You never know what lies down the bottom of that Dead End road;  and knowing our Adventure Riders,  we feel sure you will go find out!!!

TO JOIN NGARNZ - An online payment is made with your name as Reference.  Details are available on our link below:

Membership is designed for those who are looking to become regular ride attendees.  All are welcome to attend our rides.  WE have a varying pricing structure for many of our rides to incorporate a discount for Ride Group Members.   We bring our rides to the Adventure Riding Community at already heavily discounted pricing.   Both Jim and I spend an incredible amount of time in the pursuit to personally bring varied and interesting Adventures to Ride Attendees.  We often look to incorporate Private Land Access also, to be able to showcase that something a little different with our dual purpose adventure bikes.    Gravel Newz Issues are available to Ride Group Members,  these are designed to keep you informed and up to date with what we have planned,  and where we are looking to take you next.

February 23rd/24th and we host our Big Adventure Bike Weekend - Entries close on the 18th February.
From "Awakino to Aria"
Well,  the KTM is "B A C K" from mapping out hundreds of kms of very interesting terrain,  as pictured above,  certainly very very interesting.  Along with this we now have a little something "EXTRA" to be viewed,  but we will keep that as a surprise.  You will have to attend to see this,  or view the pics as many do.  Looking great!!! 
  For those travelling down on the Friday, and wanting to journey down with Jim,  meeting time will be 1pm BP BombayPlease mail us so that we can add your name to our list, as we will be leaving 1pm on time.

Sunday the 03rd March - and we pay a visit to tour RiverHead Forestry -
RiverHead Summer Fest Adventure Bike Ride

Time for a MUCH NEEDED Cooling Off - the KTM soaking it up!!!  We will be running TWO groups for this ride,  Group 1 Experienced Riders and also our Mid Rangers Group who will ride and tour the many gravel roads running throughout this Auckland based forest.

From Taumarunui - Highlights a 4000 hectare Private Station in the very heart of Taumarunui - along with many fine gravel roads that this area has to offer
16th/17th March
Entries Close 02nd March
We follow - Not the "Yellow Bricked Road" - But The Fine Metal Road running through The Station
Comprising of "ONE Day and a half" Adventure Ride
A rare "GEMSTONE" was found "BURIED" amongst the "Land that is The NAKI"
"Exploring The Naki" most certainly can uncover some unique artifacts
For more on this theme - come join us EASTER WEEKEND where we will
host One FULL day of Adventure on The Saturday and we will further your Adventure for an additional half a day of riding on The Sunday.  Friday night accommodation/Saturday mng breakfast along with a FULL day of Riding on Saturday, Sat overnight accommodation/Sat night dining and Sunday mng Breakfast is included in our Pre-Booked Ride Package.
You think "YOU are good OVERLAND",   hmmmm  Ever wonder how "THIS GIRL" handles also.......................

Awhitu Surf and Turf - Where Land Meets the Sea
Saturday April 20th
Entries Close 06th April
Stunning views,  where Land meets the Seas,  we will visit several private beach access points and enjoy what this area has on offer - Stunning!!
Stunning views of The Kaipara can be seen as we visit this Private Property that takes us out to The Lagoon, What a Gorgeous property
Our "NEW" Membership Cards have now arrived and will be either mailed out,  or see me at our registration times, and I will hand these out to those who have joined with us.


Fancy a gorgeous Lava Orange F650GS parked up in YOUR garage???
Check out this link below,  and  DON'T DREAM IT,    LIVE IT!!!
GO on....    YOU KNOW you want to..............

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NEW"     Touratech New Zealand" has now joined us, and Gravel Group Members will now receive a 10% discount off their purchases.   Welcome Touratech New Zealand to NGARNZ

We leave you with this one below:  AS MANY have returned back from Xmas holidays and have now joined us with that little "OPTIONAL EXTRA" that "SEEMS" TO have "SNEAKED" inside "The Man Cave",  hmmm "BELOW THIS" sums it all up quite nicely!!!

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