Thursday, 21 February 2013

Waimauku to Helensville and an Adventure

Ride Addition and Alteration for Sunday the 03rd March

One of THREE Private Farming Stations that we will now tour and visit - 
 We follow the Gravel Road that leads us DOWN and over some very hard packed farm tracks and trails - NEW to riding your adventure bike over farm tracks and trails?? - This adventure has a NOVICE track/trail to be followed and the balance of this ride will be a gravel and sealed combination - Suitable for ALLL levels of ride attendees as we have a route that is suited to those NEW to taking your Adventure Bikes Off The Road

With the now "SERIOUS" Fire Ban Nationwide in place,  we have put together an Additional Alteration to our planned RiverHead Adventures.  Sunday's 03rd March "RiverHead Summer FEST" now comprises of an Adventure that will combine gravel and hard packed Farm Sections on THREE private Farming Stations that we will take you to tour.  Visit an historic pa site. 

"Despite recent rain,   the fine and windy weather that has followed it,  has evaporated the moisture quickly and we are back to critical levels in the forest. Sadly the long range forecast predicts little more than light showers" - sums up the conditions that we are currently experiencing here  - "Words from Bill Mancer from the Waitemata Club" who have unfortunately had to "cancel several" of their planned events.  We are currently awaiting news this week on moisture levels inside of the forest.  WE now have THREE private farming properties that we will take you to visit and we are sure these will provide a great adventure.  Suitable for ALLLL levels of ride attendees with your dual purpose adventure bike.

This ride will be suitable for ALLL levels of Ride Ability - Jim will be leading the Advanced Group and Sue will take those NEW to riding their adventure bikes off the road.  This ride is made up of hard packed farm tracks/trails/gravel roads and sealed roads.  An excellent variety of terrain to travel over.

Following the Hard Packed gravel/dirt roads around the farm - Followed by gravel/sealed road combinations

NEW - Own a Dual Purpose Adventure Bike and Wanting to take that bike OFF the Sealed Roads??
  WE will host a small group training over Farmland and we will put you through a series of exercises to perform with your bike.  Geared at NOVICE LEVEL 1 attendees.
Jim shows standing on footpegs and guiding the bike up the hill
Riding DOWN Rolling Hills
By hosting this series of NEW Adventure courses,  packed with knowledge on HOW TO,  you will soon have the skills to come join us in our New Season of Adventures with your Dual Purpose Adventure Bike.

Coming VERY SOON - possibly Saturday the 06th April - (Date for this course will be confirmed NEXT Week)  We will commence a series of training sessions that will cover varying terrain.  Wanting to come join us and have that little bit more confidence to do so??   Our NEXT training session,  we will take a SMALL group of LEVEL 1 riders over Private Farm Land and we will put you through a series of exercises where you will be taught how to handle your adventure bike off the road and over the land.  Riding UP HILLS and Riding DOWN HILLS - We show you how, and we will put you through a comprehensive set of exercises.  Learning about ruts on farms and how to choose your correct lines.    If you wish to attend this course which will be run by Jim D please contact us to secure your spot on the Team.  This course is geared towards our Big Adventure Bikes.

SATURDAY the 13th April,  and we host our LEVEL 1 RiverHead Forest Off the Road training session.  Once again,  this course will be very different, and will comprise of breaking down a series of old logging roads that run throughout the forest.  We will show you HOW to ride these roads.  Mixing it up over YOUR day here with us.  We will split our group and move you around amongst our trainers that we have booked to assist us with this.  By the end of your day here,  we expect you to be able to ride around the total combination of the roads that we will put to you.  Taking your Big Adventure Bike OFF THE ROAD,  and with our TWO NEW courses,  we think you will be doing this!!

"WINTER" - and Just "SOME" of "Our" Winter Lineup of planned Adventures

Queens Birthday Ride - Sunday the 02nd/03rd June

We will be staying at The Historic Matawai Hotel
Queens Birthday Weekend - June 02nd/03rd - A winter ride has been put together taking in The Waikaremoana and a forestry section.  Self Cater here and MAKE YOUR BOOKINGS well in advance at The Matawai Hotel.  The Hotel is on hold for incoming from NGARNZ participants.  First in first served,  as accommodation at this small Hotel is limited.

Lake Waikaremoana

We will keep you notified in our Blog Issues of Any Available Accomodation Spaces - Get in quick if you wish to attend this tour,  as Your Room could be wanted by another rider.

15th June - and Waipu Forest Adventure Tour
  Explore Waipu Forest and the Many Gravel Roads that surround this area

14th September - Big Forest Adventure Tour - Commences from Whangarei
Details coming soon - We journey over MANY Private Forestry blocks that take us out to   the Coast

Details available on our website soon

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