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HOME and AWAY - NGARNZ Takes it Home and Away


Leonard and The Big F800 Journeys Through The Lost Forest
  Arriving and taking the OVERLAND Journey from "Awakino to Aria" - 22 Adventure seeking Warriors found themselves plunged into the depths of "These Lands That Time Has Seemingly Passed By" -  One can almost feel the very essence of that "Lost World" - memories of a "Jurassic Park Adventure Tour" not too far from the minds of.............................   Those who took this tour will be left with these thoughts we are sure!!!

Dabbling In Those Stream Crossings

NGARNZ Supporter Prizes:

  Too many POSSIBLE winning candidates lined up at our evening dining at The Awakino Hotel,  those steaks were being fired out and rapidly enjoyed whilst my mind was ticking over with thoughts of the MANY participants who most definately were well deserving of an Award.   Mulling over these thoughts decisions made:

Getting to KNOW JOHN - Where John Does NOT go and WHAT John Does NOT get up to would astound - Taking in John's wealth OR knowledge and sharing in John's politcal views,  we applaude you John,  WELL done,  you are a true testament to all of us with your wealth of knowledge and skills

SPECTRO OIL PACK PRIZE: - Duly awarded to a most deserving candidate - John.  John joins us from the NAKI region,  and WHERE John does "NOT" go, or has "NOT: been would be a VERY good one indeed.  For displaying talents Over and ABove the NORM, we duly award you this prize pack.  Getting to know John,  one has an appreciation of his very forthright views and appreciations,     (MANY I happen to share as well as)  UNCANNY..............   Fellow Adventure Rider BERNARD,  quick for a comment,  thoughts flashback,,,,,,   "With The Pope leaving Office",  "Should John be on the Nomination List for this position"???  To be able to answer this question,  chat to John,  and listen to His Views and Thoughts.  They will either "Be The Right Fit For You",   or "KNOCK you flat".  He has MY vote,  as I believe this is ballot delivered.  Keem em coming.  I cannot wait to see what we shall debate on over our next visit AWAY someplace?? 

Leonard NEW to NGARNZ and NEW to Adventure Motorcycle Riding
His enjoyment on his big adventure bike clearly evident here

CYCLESPOT EURO PRIZE VOUCHERS: -  Our vouchers we duly split to allocate to JUST three of our Ride Attendees.  Voucher Number One awarded to NEW Ride Group attendee Leonard for displaying Above Average skills over this adventure tour.  NEW to NGARNZ and NEW to this form of motorcycle adventure riding;  total amazement has been spoken about by many.  Just recently Leonard also attended his very first Level 1 Adventure Training Day at RiverHead Forest.  The antics displayed by this gentleman on the day of our training, has certainly added to our amazement of this gent and his ability to handle his big adventure bike, both on and off the road.  Well done Leonard,  and welcome to NGARNZ.  The Awakino Hotel had also donated TWO bottles of VINO to be awarded as prizes also.  Leonard's return oration to us on his prize award left me standing there with my hand on the bottleneck of Vino Bottle Number ONE.  It had found its first home.   It really is all about people like this that make what we have here so very special,  and so worthwhile to provide for our Ride Group Members.  Those big and extremely tender beef steaks were going down well and were enjoyed by the group immensely.   Thanks to onsite CHEF Craig, and of course the homebaked Apple Crumble duly baked by CHEF Margaret

Our DUO who have joined us now on very MANY Adventure Tours

Voucher Number Two: "I am LOST for WORDS":    yes,  always good to give you all a slight laugh,  but here we must make mention to Dean and pillion rider Bev.  Thanks so very much guys for the very kind offer of conducting Tail End Charlie for our Group of Adventure Seeking Warriors.  A most important role and position,  and one that is highly underrated.  Having an extremely competant and skilled Adventure Person/s  (NO<  NOT ONE>>>>>   BUT DUO) to attend to Wants and Needs at the REAR of our group,  is an extremely important position,  and one that we cannot possibly manage without.   What can be said about BEV???  well winner of our Xmas T Competition Award Winning Question,  Bev brings a bright and bubbly personality to our Group,  and we love to have her along for the ride.  Dean, well Bev has THAT NAILED, and is in Full Control of the helm  (from pillion to master at helm) :)   I simply love it.

WOW,  check out The LEG out the side of That Big Adventure Bike,    WARNING WARNING   Do Not Ride Behind This Big Adventure Bike,  The Power of The Mighty 1200cc Tenare  flicks it about,   A Dusty Gravel Rider and
a workout was duly received.  Well done to you Michael,  and WELCOME to NGARNZ

Voucher Number Three:   Also joining NGARNZ as a New Rider this 2013 Season,  we welcome Michael and the big 1200cc Tenare.  Phew,   great work out done by Michael over this weekend.  The big 1200cc Tenare Works It Out Hard.  Michael joined us for our Puhoi Gravel Road Ride,  January of this New Season.  New to taking his Big Adventure Bike Off The Road,  we are also amazed.  The talent and skill of our Adventure Riders is Out There for all to View.  The Big Bike handled all terrain with ease and I think Michael stated on Sunday that he KNOWS he has arms attached to his shoulders.  This was well evident by The Sunday morning.  A work out was had by bike and rider balike.  Well done Michael.  You handled That Big Bike admirably,  and demonstrated excellent skills also.

Herez Looking at YOU Kid>>>>>>>>
WE Snapped YOU ALSO!!!

The similarities all just tooo good  -  I simply HAD TO!!!!

Tim Denham home in Auckland to give the DR650 a
humble workout and snap our footage for us - thanks Tim


*****M O V I E  
   T I M E***** 

Now screening inside of your very own Adventure Riders Cinema - PrimeTime TV will never seem the same after this viewing>>>>>

From Riverhead to Waimauku to Makarau to Helensville to South Head and An Adventure is born...

With the Nationwide FireBan currently in place,  forestry Managers are on high alert with the threat of fire danger to forests. 

  The current very warm weather has meant many clubs have had to cancel their advertised events.    Our Adventure Riders still wishing for some form of Adventure here at home,  Jim and I set to work putting something a little different into place rather than our usual gravel road ride.  A few interesting Off Road Sections were added into the mix here,  along with touring several local Private Property Blocks.  WE are sure our NEW Local Adventure was well received,  if the numbers in attendance were anything to go by.................
A WET Start to our Adventure Dampened the plans of the
   Meeting at the local BP Kumeu we were met early morning by blackened skies??   NEC MINUTE the black blanket overhead cloaked us in its wrap and we all suddenly realised........  WET WEATHER GEAR????  WHAT WET WEATHER GEAR.......     It was quite funny - the tone of the  (NO SHEER ASTONISHMENT - comments from "ROY" - "THE WEATHER person has gotten it all so wrong yet again".   Where did Those Jacket Linings Disappear To??     This hit our group completely unexpected,  and it was a PHENOMENA that we all had not experienced in quite sometime.  ONE of our Ride Group Attendees  just happened to come prepared with The Rain Outer  (no names mentioned here, but we know WHO YOU ARE,  well done!!).   The rest of us were left with the realisation we were now going to become Drenched Adventure Riders.....  NO wet weather liners and NO wet outers.   I guess we shall now have to change tac on those "Don't Leave Home Without It Essentials" yet again.  It looks like our weather is on the turn again.

  Jim had scoured the surrounding local neighbourhood to fast put together something "That Little Bit Different" for our Riders,   and in the dry conditions  this was absolutely perfect.  Only the day before our ride I was left marvelling at MY accomplishments as I rode my DR650 through some of our new off road sections.   A good dumping of the wet stuff quickly altered my perceptions of yesterday and today I enjoyed a standard,  but very decent gravel road journey along with many of my Adventure Seeking individuals.  It was not too long before the climate resumed its norm of what we have come to know over the past few months,  and once again we were sweltering away, the ABSENCE of jacket liners not even an issue!!  WE altered our Ride Plans due to this unexpected wet dumping and we toured the local surrounds as we waited for the conditions to become dry again.

A good lunch at the Helensville Art Stop Cafe and we were now ready to TOUR our Farm Properties.  

INCOMING:   *****M O V I E   T I M E***** 

 New Cinema Now Available............

Next Ride Notification: Taumarunui to National Park 16th/17th March

  Taranaki Tunnel Tour 30th/31st


 Level 1 Taking Your Adventure Bike Over The Land

For those "NEW" to Taking YOUR Adventure Bike Over The Land

Your MemberShip Cards: 

For those who have NOT yet collected their membership cards from me,  please mail me with your updated address details,  and I will do a MASS mail out of The New Season Cards,  that do fit into our wallets this season.  As many of our Ride Group Members have recently moved or are planning to move,  I require updated details.


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