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Preparing for Motu and our East Cape visit

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Labour Weekend - October 20th - 22nd,  and we are now Counting Down the days leading up to...
Jim has been away to the Gisborne area and has been running over the Route Preparation and Planning for our DAY 2 of our forthcoming adventure into this area - Gisborne/East Cape/Motu and Much More......
DAY 2 of our Journey we will get to view The Tarndale Slip - You cannot begin to appreciate the vastness of this, until you are right on the doorstep of.....  where Jim was standing to take this pic,   you can see the hillside here is also beginning on that downwards slide away also
DAY 2 and The Advanced Rangers will get to cross this about 20 times -   More fun in the sun and right here on this weekend -   (I hear the weather in this region is looking great for our visit here also)
Typical forestry Roads
On the theme of East Cape/Forestry/Farmland/Stream Crossings - We would like to focus in on a note of Safety.   For all who ride to the conditions and respect the remoteness of the area we will be travelling through,  the below vid clip probably will be NON APPLICABLE.  We would like all attending our ride to take a short break and time out to view a snippet of the below posted vid clip.  This has been posted in to us,  by none other than our travelling and very intrepid duo Father and Son Team of Bernard and Vincent.  If you have been following my website,  I have had great delight in posting events occasionally in relation to these two,  where they go and what they get up to.  They have indeed been receiving a good hit rate on my website.  So,  popularity now dictates that I must post this vid clip also.  Vincent tells us it has received nearly 40,000 hits on YouTube alone.  It has now become high time this was posted here also.   ENJOY,  not sure the boys did at the time,  but the ratings have proved mighty popular!!!   ps Bernard's incoming comments to me were so titled -
Next weekend on the Motu ?? Never !! Water looks too cold ......Just leave it !:
We let you make your own judgement here - p s   You may even get to brush shoulders with Bernard on our forthcoming East Cape Adventure,  beware,  he makes a MEAN vid commentary
Travelling along with us will be out trusty laptop, and at the end of each day of our planned adventure, we will upload footage to our viewers to show you our progress - where we have been and what we got up to....   (only snippets of)  maybe next year you may even wish to come join us in this region also.  This trip, we have also made arrangements for our partners to attend, and we will build on this concept for our next visit.  Whilst the lads get That "Leave Pass",  why not turn it into a family vacation - The Gisborne area has a wealth of really beautiful sights to take in.  The family would love it. Our dinner on the Saturday evening, we will be frequenting Eastwood Hills Arboretum.  Take a look at what this has to offer.  I am sure that I can put together an itinerary for family members also.  :)


Now on to our planned Spot Prize Giving and what has presented itself to us, alongside our regular list of supporters,  CycleSpot Euro,  Spectro, Metzeler, Dunlop, Shoei,  DriRider, Corban Revell  -      WE happen to have additional spot prizes issued to us from the Team at Kiwi Rider magazine.  Did you know we are celebrating Kiwi Rider since 1984??  On this theme,  games will be afoot,  and Earn A- T has been planned - if you wish to Earn a Kiwi Rider T to celebrate magical memories of this much trusted and known N.Z. motorcycle magazine,  I will be on the hunt for a handful of gentleman to participate - let the Kiwi Rider Earn A T Games begin....


Reliving memories from an article that was recently mailed through to me.  This above page was taken from the Kiwi Rider Magazine from years gone by.  I will refer this to the X-Files,  and does this trio have that X-Factor or what???   Tim Denham seen here,  The Blonde Bombshell receiving his prize pocket knife and shouldering him looking very proud  Jim D and John N.  The youngest participant to have joined in on this Kiwi Rider 500 event.  One very proud lad seen here.   From this to this???  Joining JetStar Airlines Tim will be joining us from time to time on our many planned adventures along with his partner, our much loved Jess.

And now this...................................................

November 10th - Taking a visit to the wild coastline of Waikaretu Beach        Gravel Road riding/private farm tracks/a beach visit,,,,

We have planned this ride to be suitable for our big bikes in attendance.  If you attended our South Head visit at the beginning of this year, you will enjoy this ride.  This ride has it alll.  We have gorgeous huge hard hill tracks to ride over and these will offer stunning views for high attop.  Looking down, you can see the hard-packed gravel track that will lead us out onto a firm black sand track that leads out onto Waikaretu beach.  Magic.  Wow.  The locals have paradise on their back doorsteps.  When I was down on the beach chatting to the locals as they showed us around,  it was wonderful taking in the wildness that this area is about.  I sat on the edge of the smooth and rounded rocks that had taken a pummelling from the big surf that was in attendance on the day and viewed out over the coastline.  The Pinnacle Rocks magnificent.  It felt like a world on its own.  I was told that when the tide was OUT (as it will be on the day of our visit) one can reach these rocks.

For more details on this forthcoming visit here - the link to our website:

If you have any exciting Newz/Articles etc that you would like me to feature in our Gravel Newz blog - please forward into me:

Where you go,  what you see,  just may interest many of us........

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