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East Cape/Motu Adventure Ride - October 20th - 22nd

 Gravel Newz  23rd October 2012

In this edition we focus on our recent East Cape/Motu Adventure Ride hosted Labour Weekend 2012
Highlights from DAY 1 now available: - DAY 2 Highlights available shortly:

As we progressed through the East Cape areas taking in The Motu, along with Private Stations, tracks and trails,  many terrain variations were presented to us.   Water was "ON" and our visit to this region certainly presented plenty in this category also. 

The immense amount of exhileration and excitement this bought to our attendees 'very evident' at the catered evening dining that we had organised at the end of each day for our hungry Adventure Riders.  This weekend has been enjoyed so very much that we will be taking it back here again Next Year along with "MANY" more private stations and forestry areas that have now also become available to us.  We look to base our ride in the "ONE" area of this Region next year and we now have Another "TWO" days of riding in this "ONE" area alone.  Both Jim and Danny were unable to bring several Private areas of riding to our people due to the adverse weather just recently.  We will look to host this re-visit over the coming summer months also, which should assist us to be able to explore the selection of Private Stations and Forest Blocks we have to hand.    This will require another long weekend stint for those wishing to attend.  All bookings will be made available shortly on our website.  

Due to popular demand, we now have a "FULL" vehicle support crew and team, and this position has already been pre-filled, demand has been running hot.   

The running of our "TWO"  Ride Groups was highly successful, and we wish to thank our local lads for their wealth of knowledge that was delivered to us also.  Being able to offer a service to our scenic adventure riders amongst us - just perfect.  Seen here, Ride Leader Peter having a 'moment' to share with us all,   Well done Peter and many thanks.

We should be able to post details on our website no later than the End Of January for our much anticipated "Round Two" Adventure Weekend here.  Be watching out for photos to hand as we will be visiting here again over the next coming months to showcase what we will have on offer for everyone.  

If YOU enjoyed "Round ONE" of this adventure,  "Round TWO" promises to be equally as enjoyable.  The Gravel Riders will be B A C K>>>>>>>>    If you enjoy ON TAP W A T E R, we have it all here for you.  Our stream section we will set up with arrows to allow you FREE range of a loop circuit we have available.  Enjoy, as we know you will.  You may ride this loop as many times as you are able.  Our ONE support vehicle will be stationed nearby for collection of drowned bikes.  Our experienced Ride Leaders more than competant to assist with DRY-OUT techniques,  (if this weekend was anything to go by!!!)  But,   all bikes that experienced a slight drowning, were able to be resuscitated and the journey continued.

########## CINEMA TIME ##########

##########     CINEMA TIME     ##########

Have YOU been to The Cinema lately?  Do YOU have ONE minute to spare??    Go ahead,  take a peek at this vid clip,   you really will remember what it is like to visit "The Cinema" -     We think a suitable title for this vid clip could be:
 3 Spectacular Days in 1 Minute

Looking to view MORE of our pics taken from a selection of view points from over our day?  Visit our website as Photo Highlights from DAY 1 of our weekend have now been uploaded.   Footage is slowly being uploaded.  We will feature more from over this weekend shortly.

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