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Explore East Cape The NGARNZ WAY Day 2 Highlights

*****November 04th 2012 - DAY 2  Highlights
East Cape Explore  'The NGARNZ Way '*****
October 20th - 22nd 2012

A good crop selection of pics to highlight the very diverse terrain that we travelled over
From this photograph     we highlight the stunning landscapes with our following pics

Wow spectacular surrounds

From ABOVE - our landscape has changed to this - awsome to have so many kilometres of such diverse terrain to travel over
hmmmm that DR650 is looking smokin........   Paul flicks it about on those gravel roads
<<<<<<DAY 2 heralds in the dawn of a New Day at Our First Night at our Prebooked Holiday Park>>>>> 
We welcome in the early mng rays of Day Number 2 - Our Gravel Riders have slept well and have fuelled up on a hearty breakfast cooked by local and highly talented chef team of Sue, Pauline and Sue (Take II) - this crew knows how to dish it up and keep our Gravel Riders sustained until our next scheduled luncheon stop at the local historic Tavern 

Ooo la la la - this is looking g r e a t      Our Gravel Rider has indeed had a great sleep and is detailing to fellow rider   ?????   Can you guess a CAPTION for this one????  I really do love these very small and magic moments!!! 


Arriving at The Local Tavern for our lunch break and parking alongside the Local Bay


Lunch Bay

Passing through this gorgeous BAY on DAY 2 -  We Commence .....
Let's Try Another Look at this one>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*****Helmet Cam of Jim*****


We now have available another three vid clips also from our East Cape Tour

<<<<<<Episode Two - Now Also Available>>>>>>

Highlights from helmet cam of Jim

<<<<<<Episode Three - Now Also Available>>>>>>

While Kevan Heads for Downstream under the Powerhouse of his mighty BMW steed - Dave is certain he can redirect Kevan - Will Dave redirect Kevan in time????  You will have to watch this episode to find out

<<<<<<Episode Four - Now Also Available>>>>>>

DAY 2 - and Both Groups Join in for some of that Farmland Trekking

<<<<<<Episode Five - Now Also Available>>>>>>

DAY 2 - Both Groups Journey over our Private FarmLand - Conditions - Near Perfect!!!


<<Day 2 Recapping and Highlights  - Now Also Available>>

I have also created a SECOND page which you will find on our website as you browse down, a tab to the LEFT will open underneath the above link - so DUBBED

A NEW Page has also been set up on our web which has ALLL Five of our VID Clips re our East Cape Tour also
<<<<<<10th November and Taking it Out South>>>>>>

10th November and part of our theme "Taking It Out South" was designed to cater for our Ride Group Members living out "South"
If you would like us to bring The Gravel Riders into "YOUR Region",  contact us and we WILL find a slot on our calendar someplace,  somewhere..........
To enter for this ride coming up Next Weekend,  entry details are on our websitelink below, entries close off Thursday:
 We now only have TWO official rides left before the end of what has been one very successful season for us in our efforts to have showcased to our Ride Group Members those "More Out Of The Way Places" - We have now had access to many NEW and interesting places, and we have no plans on stopping there.   I expect our Calendar to be FULL over the 2013 season, and to date we have plans on many NEW areas also that we have not even tapped into as yet.    Those "LEAVE Passes" are indeed going to be "GOLD PLATED"!!!!!  and I can only imagine the MANY well overdue home jobs that will now be completed - "How To EARN a LEAVE Pass" --------??
<<<<<<24th November and Taking it Out South>>>>>>
The "LONG and WINDING ROAD" - That Leads Me To???   yes      "TE KAUWHATA EXPLORE"

24th November - our theme "Taking It Out South"
To enter for this ride coming up 24th November, entry details are on our websitelink below:

<<<<<<15th December and Taking it DOWN South>>>>>>
WE Conclude OUR NGARNZ Season with a WHOPPPPER
WE now have available to us TWO PRIVATE FARMING STATIONS based at National Park for our Saturday
We will visit and tour these along with FISHERS TRACK and will look to lunch at Owhango Hotel
After lunch we have another FULL afternoon of EPIC riding proportion
over PRIVATE FORESTRY  -  Pumice tracks/trails and more PRIVATE FARMLAND
Crossing The Whakapapa River will also be on tap here also
Dinner and accommodation is part of OUR Ride Package that we have organised
We expect Saturday to be one very FULL day of riding
Sunday for those that wish we will take on the FAMOUS 42nd Traverse and go out in true


We will run TWO Ride Groups for the Saturday Afternoon
For our exp riders you will be riding the Whakapapa Wanderings that we have planned
For our Group 2 Mid Rangers we will take it to FISHERS TRACK and also another forestry block at our leisure
 FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE NOW REGISTERED WITH ME TO ATTEND THIS FNTASTIC SEASON END FINALE FOR 2012 - I WILL FORWARD YOU ENTRY FORMS BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK - along with more footage of what to expect on YOUR Sat afternoon Adventure (this promises to be a most unique experience)
Entry Forms and FURTHER pics will be available by the end of NEXT week as Jim and I head off again to National Park and put our FANTASTIC SATURDAY Whakapapa Wandering Adventure together
Entry Forms available end of NEXT WEEK
<<<<<YOU Won't Want To Miss This One>>>>>

It seems we have ANOTHER "WEKA in our camp"

<<<<<<Now to The Interesting Stuff>>>>>>

   Map titled "WEKA Adventures" - One that Danny will know all about

"NGARNZ MAPS are the intellectual property of NGARNZ" - In accordance with "NGARNZ Code of Ethics" - our maps are our intellectually owned personal property 

*****4 x 4 vehicle/drivers/riders*****
My Incoming Mail system is indeed a very full one each and every day.  I am now in receipt of many that now wish to also attend our events by way of being a 4 x 4  vehicle/driver/rider.  NGARNZ is a two-wheeled Adventure Motorcycle Riders Group, based on providing events for our two-wheeled motorcyclists and pillions in attendance.  There will be no 4 x 4 vehicle/drivers/riders attending our rides.

*****FOR **** SALE*****

Being a Ride Group Member of NGARNZ - We now offer this service to you -

If you would like to pass around YOUR Adventure/Motorcycle Sale items,  Please forward them through to us,  as there just may be an interested Rider looking for that very item!!!
*****FOR   ****    SALE*****
Our National Park Gravel Rider - has his BMW mount for sale - all parked up and looking great!!!

Hi All,

NEIL - Wow the bike is looking great???

I’m putting my Red 2010 F650GS Twin on Trademe this Sunday so if you are interested give me a call before then to talk turkey. Rego expires late January and the WOF mid April. Tyres are Anakee 2s with a brand new front and the rear having done less than 2000kms. All services have been done at Motomart in Wellington and I have all receipts. She has just clicked over 71,000kms, a good portion of which have been on gravel roads and as with most dual purpose bikes that have done this many kms there is some ware and tare but she is still in very tidy condition. I’m the 1st owner and she was bought New Zealand new.
Standard items include;
·         Heated Grips
·         Tyre Pressure Sensor
·         3 Keys
·         Centre Stand
·         LED Indicators
·         On-board Computer
·         Switchable ABS Brakes
Extras include;
·         2Brothers Exhaust
·         K&N Air Filter
·         Scott Oiler
·         Tourotec Sump Guard
·         Barkbusters hand Guards
·         Givi Touring Screen
·         Givi Engine Protection Bars
·         Givi Top Box Bracket to suit all Monokey Top Boxes (Top Box not included)
·         BMW OEM Rear  Mud Guard Extension
·         Front Mug Guard Extension
·         SW-Motech Handle Bar Risers 20mm
·         Rectifier Protection Guard
·         Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard
·         Side Stand Foot Extension
·         Headlight Protector
·         Radiator Guard
·         Haynes Workshop Manual
All the original bolts are included.
There is an Anakee 2 on the rear that has done around 2000ks and there is a TKC80 on the front that has a 1000ks left in it. I have a brand new Anakee for the front that I will throw in too.
This bike is well set up if you wish to get off the beaten track or explore the open road.
Check out photos here As I said earlier I will be putting her on Trademe this Sunday the 4th with the auction closing date being Sunday the 18th. I live at National Park and will be in Auckland from Saturday the 17th till Monday the 19th and I would be than happy to bring the bike with me for inspection and/or delivery at that time.
I will consider offers over $8490.00. If you are interested call me on 021 311 225.
Neil Wood.

*****and  FINALLY  **** Our Supporters*****

Our Supporter JOHN attended our ride from CycleSpot Euro, and just happened to be parked up a few doors down - Jim seen here rising bright and early with our Supporter Product SPECTRO Z and that chain lube was applied to our bikes


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