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"Barry's Point Road" located in Takapuna - a hub for all biking enthusiasts.  This road caters for dirt bike riders, sport bike riders,  touring bikes - well pretty much many makes and models of bikes - (even our friend the URAL displayed here!!!).
Parked-up outside CycleTreads the URAL stands waiting
  Along with a very tempting selection of bikes on offer, this road now combines an excellent selection of stores supplying a great range of tyres/fitting services/spare parts and products for all makes and models of bikes; the gear that is stocked at the various stores NOT bad either!!!  I suppose you would say that ambling my way up and down the many stores here that are so totally 'bike-geared', really offers to us, being bike enthusiasts an excellent shopping spree. 
  Whilst some would enjoy to wander through a 'Clothes Shopping Mall', well me,  I prefer to make my way along this road and to 'browse' at bike goodies.
Reaching the top floor platform This GREETED me
 Firstly, a quick stop into CycleTreads -  I climbed to the upstairs level of the building platform to visit the team, and to see what new adventure riding gear has graced their shelves, hmmm Shoei helmets,  maybe a new Contours vid cam?  those Gaerne adventure boots were being sold on special also,  oh dear, somebody 'STOP ME'.........  so control was exercised and in exercising that form of control I did manage to 'ONLY' purchase a very handy liquid spray to clean the Bugs from my existing helmet.  But I felt happy and very elated as I 'HAD' come away with a purchase amidst the many 'goodies' on display. 
  The shop owners along the "B.P.Road" biking 'HUB' had joined forces, and together decided to bring out on display not just 'PRODUCTS; for a late night 'STREET FEST' of celebrities, but...... some of New Zealand's TOP SuperBike Stars.  The BOYS came out to mix it up and to greet the many shoppers that chose to spend those couple of evening hours browsing the many bike-orientated stores here.  PRODUCTS or CELEBRITIES - ONE VERY TOUGH CHOICE!!!
  Where do I start????   The various stores, CycleSpot Euro, CycleSpot Honda, Team at Kawasaki, Hyosung, CycleTreads and many more, all support and sponsor our Super Biking Champs.  I just knew that this was going to be fun!!!!   Wooo Hoooo   which store to visit first???  Ohhh who is that cooking the bbq outside there???     Yikes there's another one,  'Aaron', hello,   "Hi Sue" Could you please give me a moment to enjoy my bbq sausage that 'Sloan' has just cooked for me"???   answer  -  (Worth the wait  'Aaron' and I still have another hour to spend here.   Moving on down the road a quick visit to CycleSpot Honda and I immediately espye
Great selection of bikes on Barry's Point Road - not to mention the CHAMPS

  MOVING on........  and exiting this store, I prepare to move on down to CycleSpot Euro, to take a look at 'Sloan's' new racing machine,  wow AWSOME simply does not come close!!!  Standing on the wooden pedastal in the corner of the new store was 'THE SLOAN FROST' superbike machine  - 'BMW S1000RR; and looking really hottt!!!!  

SLOAN FROST SEEN HERE - HE DOESN'T JUST RIDE A MEAN SUPERBIKE you know - he cooks up one very mean BBQ tooo!!!

Along with mean bbq cook skills - he knows how to put a URAL through its paces also!!!

Hayden Fitzgerald happy with his new website
   'Hayden' standing and eyeing up a selection of new gloves. An interesting conversation ensued about his new website that his dad and sponsors have been busy putting together for his upcoming season of racing. I was also instrumental in 'assisting Hayden' on glove selection @+%@+ hmmmm    Love those shoes 'HAYDEN'

Meanwhile, 'Over The Road' and On The Corner at Team 'Kawasaki Headquarters' - and busy chatting about his upcoming race prospects, (aka the very next day the last round of the Superbike Champs at Hampton Downs) - I managed a very pleasant chat time with 'Nick'.

Mr Kawasaki 'MIKE' was also instrumental in getting-in on the coversation also.

 Wow, this was excellent and well worth my visit here!!!   More than happy to introduce 'NICK' to me of course 'STRING' - famous to us for his 'Spectra Z' - a brand-new chain-lube spray product on the market.  I recall on one of my previous rides out via the Waitomo back country areas a certain gentleman had awoken very early in the mng and was busy lubing all of the bikes parked up at The Waitomo Lodge Hotel.  A very nice touch 'STRING'.  Of course, I need to say an excellent product!!!      Finally after what was one EXCELLENT visit IN MY SUPPORT TO BARRY'S POINT ROAD, (we also dropped off the F800GS for its scheduled service check-up at CycleSpot Euro - so a good all rounder visit for us)   on my exit here I must make a mention of our favourite magazine The Kiwi Rider.  Our household has been purchasing this magazine for many years that I can remember.  The boxes of old issues we have now tooo large to think about (many years of purchased subscriptions)  The Icing On My Story>>>>>>>>

I rush out 'MY POCKET CAMERA' - so WHO was first to snap WHO????
I must admit my wee pocket cam no match for this MONSTER - GEOFF here photographer from Kiwi Rider with
THE MONSTER!!!   Husband Jim looks on and finds this very amusing.


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