Saturday, 30 June 2012

The scenic side of riding The Long Way Around Lake Taupo

Leaving Taupo around 7am this morning (NICE, now confirmed at minus five degrees) and NO heated hand grips. brrrr the KTM690 and small Yamaha XT250cc journey well over 500kilometres on Saturday to tackle and take part in a series of challenge riding sections around Lake Taupo - and this would of course be the TEMPTER to participating
Arriving at our dam stop and the two bikes take a brief stop before heading off again.  Son Tim had just arrived back from Melbourne and the XT was hauled out to have some of those cobwebs blasted out!!!!  Tim will NOT disappoint with that task.
"LOOK JIM" - "NO FIRE EXTINGUISHER", Tim loanding the small XT and always blows out those cobwebs to the max......  Fire Extinguisher had also been blown completely OFFF!!!   I guess no amount of strapping was going to last the distance!!!!    hmmm
The view from the dam  -  CRISP  COOL  CLEAR    A N D    C O L D..........

One fire extinguisher still manages to hang on in there -  we kitted both bikes out with a full compliment of knobbly tyres for the ride today.  On some of the roading sections layers of ice had also formed and this also made for a few watchful moments with these tyres.

A team support van had arrived and the aroma of hot drinks a most welcome addition.   NICE TOUCH

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