Tuesday, 5 June 2012

T T T - Taranaki Tunnel Tour

Where Did This Ride Begin???

Part 1 - Thanks to TWO GENTS
Where did this ride all begin?? - Well at Dave's place of course - hailing from the Taranaki Region and knowing the area,  Dave put together this route which would see us enjoy three days of adventure riding. "Out And About"  and combining a good mix of seal and gravel road riding some of us covered well over 1400kms for our weekend ride.  This is now the second Taranaki ride that our club has had the privilege to be able to attend this year, the first being in March over another long weekend. It has been excellent to view just some of the very scenic history in the area also - good friend Henry of many years organised our accommodation and it was up to standards on both occasions (as we have come to expect).  Well done to both gents.  Just a few excerpts I spotted over my weekend.   
Henry and Dave picc'd here along with friend Cliff - at Dave's place
Just a few of us arriving for an early mng hello at Dave's place BEFORE the Gravel army joins us
Dave's weapon of choice for this ride - the big F800Gs
Dave picc'd here outside the Awakino pub - many thanks Dave for putting our route together for us
Both accomplices DAVE/HENRY parked up NOSE to NOSE outside Awakino Pub
Good friend Henry seen here inspecting Mr "SPECTRO Z" STRING'S NEW TOY - seen here parked up outside an eatery at Kawhia
The FAMOUS BLUE NOSE outside Kawhia shops
SNAPPED - The BLUE NOSE outside the Awakino Pub

NGARNZ wishes to thank both gents to taking the time on TWO occasions now to put together an adventure ride in the Taranaki Region


  1. It was a fantastic weekend, and threw some rain at us, but predicted much worse! The worse never arrived and we all got home relatively dry. The roads however were all very wet, so we had to take a lot of care. Thanks to all the leaders and tail end charlies getting us all safely to our destinations! Couldn't have asked for more. The Plymouth International hotel in N Plymouth was outstanding and Henry got us a fantastic deal; thanks Henry. Hopefully we will do this ride again next year (or even earlier?). We counted 6 or 7 tunnels, (we got them on camera), but it felt like a lot more! Roll on the next ride. LG

  2. Fantastic weekend, excellent company, excellent accommodation, wow you owe it to yourselves to be back to visit this area. So much more left untapped. We Will Be Back !!!