Friday, 13 July 2012

Push Bike Adventures - Preparing For Summer

Belted Galloway youngsters basking in a patch of sunshine

Walking into my garage and looking at my road bike, the thought that we have now had our shortest day is etched into my mindset.  Time to get that pushbike out of the shed, and hit the seal....  I don't normally enoy push biking on our roads as even our villages now have become very busy with the additional population base pushing out further into our country areas also.   Where to head off out to today,  to avoid some of the traffic and start collecting kilometres on my distance meter on my bike.  All of these kilometers that I count when I am pushing down on those pedals count towards having a good fitness base for more of my gravel-road riding that I know I will be doing over the summer months. 
Back Roads Of Waitakere - Livestock in Abundance
  Heading out the back country areas of Waitakere,  it was really pleasant to come across this bunch roadside.  Belted Galloway bull youngsters, and in incredibly good condition considering the massive amounts of rain leading to sodden paddocks and the grass feed being predmoninantly kaikuia (very poor tucker).  Having a lay down and basking in a patch of sun that was shining through the natives they were astonished to see the white machine parked up against their paddock fences.  I could see these chaps had an apt to be slightly frisky by nature, as the surrounding fencelines were all taped off high with electric fencing.  A dead giveaway.  They did look friendly???   I left it at that, as they edged towards me and my push bike.  I think being able to push bike into the country areas and stopping roadside to check out livestock and what they are up to every now and then,  sort of puts a very high spin onto that daily exercise.    I know I will do this citcuit again as my new friends put me into a very good frame of mind.

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