Saturday, 16 June 2012

Thumpers nestled Amongst The Trees

Scenes from 'Thumpers Nestled Amongst The Trees' 
16th June 2012

The boys had just completed one of our four "Challenge Sections" which had been designed especially in mind for our advanced riders, and as they emerged, the bikes bore true testament to the arduous effort they had put in to get through and to emerge from out of this Old and Dissused Forestry Roading.  The bikes emerged caked in mud as they parked up here at the end of the road. The smiles and comical jousting from one rider to another true testament to the FUNTIMES experienced.

Not to be left out, and a special mention here of just ONE of our big 1200cc adventure bikes in attendance,  John's bike piccied here looking like an adventure and a macmassive work-out had definately been completed.  John, of course extremely pleased with his efforts.
First there were three, and then there were four,  more of our team of Thumpers, exiting from the third of our planned challenge sections.  All looking proud to be sporting that little bit of something 'dirty'
Finally, yes our photographer emerges from..................  and I recognise a BIG smile coming from under That Visor!!!!!      hmmmm 'Team Photographer does carry some merits with the job SUE!!!

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