Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thumpers enjoying RiverHead Forest Experience

Thumpers enjoying RiverHead Forestry - and Out They Came

Scenes from "Boys At Play"
Amongst the RiverHead forest we explored many old and dissused forestry roads no longer maintained and in use.  The grins of pure excitement from our riders plainly evident.  Many slept extremely well after this ride.  Our new club hosted a ride which was geared towards exploring those gravel roads inside of our local RiverHead Forest.  Many of these roads are very well maintained and used by forestry workers.  We found four old and dissused roads that offered our more experienced riders a chance to have a slight play amongst it alll.  Pure adrenalin on tap and fast flowing!!!
We will be back 05th August for those that missed our recent Saturday ride.
 A very big thanks to TEAM of Neil and Rachel for compiling this for us.

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