Monday, 9 July 2012

Discovering Poronui - thanks to Jim Tim Sue and Jess


Personally discovering the private lands of Poronui Station and in recognition of the ride preparation that went into making this ride suitable for our riders, both Jim Denham along with my son Timothy Denham rode these lands for one FULL DAY in order to work out which routes and trails would be suitable.  Over the day the boys mapped and marked out details as they travelled through. 

Catering for varying levels of riding skills and also the varying cc levels of our dual purpose bikes to which we have in attendance requires a lot of planning before we bring our riders to a venue.  As the boys travelled over The Station many areas were deemed to be NOT SUITED for our bigger bikes and we were at the time a little concerned we would not have quite enough terrain to be covered.  Many that attend our rides enjoy to ride many hundreds of kilometres when on any standard Explore Mission.  Thanks to Jim and Tim for taking the iniative to open up new areas that we were abe to add onto our ride day.  Several areas that were not available prior to us visiting The Station Jim and Tim were able to tackle these and they were indeed added into our challenge sections to which our more experienced riders thoroughly enjoyed.   Arriving back home then sees a good night's work that will now be done to plot out courses etc into our GPS units.  Often several nights' work will go into this.  We will constantly run through and alter details right up until the very day of our event.

HOW DID the PORONUI experience COME ABOUT?  

Travelling Out and About often when my husband Jim is attending the many enduro and trail based events that are regularly hosted throughout the North Island,  I forever find myself enjoying to explore the many off-road areas that are available here.  On once occasion  I happened to come across locals on one of MY many Explore Missions, and this started us toying with the idea re the possibility of taking a small group to visit The Station.  As explained to many of my group

riders at the time, this area will NEVER be a trail or enduro based haven.  Sustainability and environmental impact over these lands are a primary issue, and also in keeping with the peace and tranquility here one can imagine the overseas tourists travelling from many thousands of kilometres away wishing to have that total outback wilderness experience, without the silence being shattered from

 two wheeled folk.   From this small meeting, many many months of channelling with dates and much more etc was an on-going task.  Meetings also took place whenever Jim and myself were visiting Taupo.  At the time,  this ride was to be linked in with other areas, but this did not come about as further along dates clashed with many other planned events in the area, and I found the date that had first been set was now no longer available.  Moving along, and at last a date was penned in. 

WE are now hedging closer to my date;  this also the very same date as the big Taupo Ironman Event hosted in Taupo,  an epic Weather Bomb hits the region and along with my event having to be postponed until the end of March (the next suitable date with The Station) the major Taupo event was also cancelled.  This has been the first time in hundreds of years that an Ironman Event has had to be cancelled.  My rescheduled date then left me with 10 riders cancelling due to their other commitments on their calendars.

Thanks must go to Jim and Tim Denham for personally plotting, mapping and marking out this course  for NGARNZ to be able to attend and to Sue for discovering The Station - for this experience to be able to happen

Many New Adventures Lie In Wait For Us Here In The Taupo Region    (WE WILL BE BACK!!!)
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