Thursday, 5 July 2012

Waitahanui and More

The small Yamaha XT250cc lay sitting in the garage and was looking for some trails to explore,  so with nothing much else to do on a very crisp -5 degrees mng,  she was treated to some very wet and grassey 4 x 4 trails I discovered.  These wound their way around a fast flowing river for many kilometres and I most certainly had a small slice of my very own motocross track  Furher along I happened to venture upon several trout fishers enjoying their sport. 
Enjoying the many 4 x 4 trails that wind along the riverbanks

Coming across a couple that were hard at THEIR sport - I was amazed to view their catch of just over the few hours they had been working the streambeds with their lines.  One lady had just netted her fifth trout of the mng (the legal amount) - astounding good luck.  Oh,  to be such a beautiful creature!!!    Seen here POISED for my CAM shot,  looking decidedly gorgeous (the fish I am talking about)  she was just about to hop into her vehicle with her treasure catch, but had not realised that lurking right by her car door a team of hunters had been through and had killed and gutted a mother Kune Kune pig and her small babies.  The dogs had eaten the babies alive and the innards were still left thrown on the grass verge???      I was going to title this shot  "WHEN BEAUTY MEETS THE BEAST"  -  photos tooo graphic for display, but yes title is very apt......   

Leaving the streambeds and heading out to explore more roads that lead up to a lookout point attop a grassy hill.

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