Monday, 24 September 2012

Turangi Explore Adventure Ride - and more....

GRAVEL NEWZ 24th September 2012

For those of you that attended our Turangi Explore Adventure Ride on September 15th - Three NEW vid clips have since emerged - Bernard has been busy at work with his GoPro on hand whilst pilot Tim D has been to work busting those berms and filming also.  If you are looking for a REALLY good laugh then go ahead and view Bernard's vid.  If you have recently attended the gym (as some have mentioned to me they have recently, you might like to abstain from the pleasure of viewing until the DOM's have settled down.  .......

Warning, the sound effects on this vid may keep you guessing here >>>>>  I cannot divulge any further info here.

Tim and his berm-busting produced something a little different, if you have the time to while away a few more hours then these are not to be missed also >>>>>

This is Episode Number One
                                          and We now also have Episode Number Two available >>>>>

If you missed all of this, then we will be back to the tiny township of TURANGI again next year to tackle some new terrain that will be available shortly and will promise to please also

Ride Reminder Notification:   Labour Weekend -
East Cape/Motu  October 20 - 22nd

If you are looking to attend this ride please complete our registration form as deposits are due for this ride by the end of September which is coming up soon.  Interest is good for this ride as we look to take you all to a very remote region of our North Island.  Accommodation is scarce in this region and we need to have our overnight stops close to where we will be riding.  We are currently looking for a few more bed spaces and something may have just come up to be able to take a few more of our riders.
Topuni Forest and Topuni Mill - September 22nd
We were very fortunate this last weekend of September the 22nd to be able to take a small visit to Topuni Forest situated just past Te Hana on SH1. Topuni Forest has a working mill stationed inside of it, and at this time of the year the mill is quiet, so timing was right for a visit here. Some excellent roads inside of this forest and wow, what a lot of variety also. We will of course be back and hope that the mill will stay quiet for a while longer. A couple of local visitors came to catch us for lunch at Dragon's Rest. Hi to Ross and Sara from Kaiwaka. Our farmers will be joining us again shortly when their very hectic schedule has calmed down. The teenagers on their farm managed to forestall their birthing and allowed the two of them a brief TIME-OUT to chat with us. Ross looks forwards to getting those TWO wheels back out on the gravel again shortly. LOOK-OUT I am sure he will be enjoying this!!!
A NEW lady adventure rider joined us for a stint here to take in the surrounds and the peacefulness that we experienced at one of our brief stops - especially at the wooden bridge stationed right at the very intersection of one of our FAVOURITE roads. I don't think OUR group will forget BRIAN Road in a hurry. Great PUDDLE training and we enjoyed it so much, we decided to tackle it several times around. Our new ADV lady rider is currently in training for her very big trip to India in 2013. We wish you all the best for your forthcoming

If you have been following two of our adventure riders 'Bernard and NOW Vincent',  well our caption of 'LIVING The DREAM' is very real here.  Wow, indeed.  I can't wait for Vincent to be back into New Zealand - I am sure he will be more than happy to relive some of his adventures with his, both motorised and pedal power, but wow, what pedal power this is.....  Tune in for your next episode of......  we will of course be following ........
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