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East Cape/Motu Mania October 20th - 22nd

Labour Weekend October 20th - 22nd THREE days of riding East Cape/Motu and Much More...

East Cape/Motu Mania

        Three days of riding which includes "PRIVATE" forestry/farmland and also stations along with numerous stream crossings.  "Two Routes" have also been planned along with "TWO Ride Leaders".  Additional fuel and supplies will be travelling along with us in our "ONE support vehicle".  We also have available room for three passengers in our  support vehicle.  Your luggage etc will be carried along in our support vehicle.

DAY 1:
Our Ride Begins:
Meet Sat mng 9:30am where we will begin our Riders Briefing - Opotiki MotorCamp(details below)  trailer parking here can be made available by arrangement Incoming on Fri evening, please contact to make your booking, or Opotiki has many available overnight accommodation options.

Overnight accommodation on Saturday is part of your Ride Package
luncheon  Saturday Lunch 1:30pm  Doc Camp site Raukumara Ranges - Support team/trailer
  Rolls  ·        · Orange juice or apple juice  · Assortment of cakes/biscuits/fruit

Saturday Afternoon tea 3:30pm      Alcuin Station hay shed – Support team/trailer  ·       
·       Orange juice or apple juice  · Assortment of cakes/biscuits
S    Saturday evening dinner       will be  a selection of meats/salads/potatoes along with breads and dessert/tea/coffee  .  Please bring any beverages or additional drinks that you may require    All of your aditional supplies will be carried along to our overnight accommodation and will be waiting for you there in your pre-booked rooms    Our accommodation for the Saturday evening will now be Waikanae Top 10 Holiday Park (this has also been completely booked out for our ride)  All who enter for our ride will be personally notified of their individual accommodation housing and which unit etc you have been booked into.  WE have taken every care to look to accommodate you well with friends/partners etc and those you have been travelling with.  On the late Saturday afternoon we are planning to pass through the very beautiful region of "EastWood Hills" and plan to also take a brief stop here at a unique and iconic area.   Your Sat evening dinner is being prepared and served at "EASTWOOD HILLS" where the catering team will await our arrival for dinner    WE expect to arrive LATE on the Saturday evening at our planned accommodation.  If you have any special accommodation/food requirements please contact me to organise further details to ensure your weekend with us is also special to you.

     The Mid-Rangers(group 2)  and our Advanced riders will cross paths often over our day, meaning some of the more technical stages can be by-passed by our newer riders or those with bigger bikes.

DAY 2:

Sunday begins with a fully-cooked hot breakfast  Sunday Breakfast 6:30 till 7:30am    Choice of

·        Sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, eggs & toast.    ·         · Coffee & tea
 This will be a "BIG day",   8-9 hours riding for "ADV's" and 6 hours for our "Mid Rangers",  A shorter route will be made available if the distance gets too much.

Sunday we make a stop for mng tea at  Waipaoa River approx 11:00am.   HERE we will be serving ·      Orange or apple juice,  ·  Cake selection,  · muesli bars,  · Bananas,  · mandarins

Sunday lunch approx 1:30pm - Tokamara Bay - Te Puka tavern

Sunday afternoon tea 3:30pm  at "The Turnoff" - Support team/trailer Orange or apple juice   Cakes/biscuits                  Muesli bars Bananas Mandarins
Sunday Dinner 6:30pm  Tatapouri Fishing Club – set menu   (SELF CATER)

Your Sunday evening accommodation is at a very popular holiday spot over the Labour Weekend - Waikanae.  This is now being utilised both Saturday and Sunday evenings, so you will NOT be required to change accommodation venues, which is g r e a t.  Sunday lunch along with dinner will be SELF-CATERYour Sunday overnight accommodation is included as part of YOUR Ride Package with us.

DAY 3:

 If you are still WITH US on the Monday,  we hve a comprehensive DAY 3 planned for those looking for "MORE" before we depart for home

Monday Breakfast  Captain Morgans Café – Self-cater
Monday lunch - Matawai Hard Drive cafe - Self cater

DAY 3:
For those wishing for "THAT MORE" to our weekend, we have a DAY 3 of riding planned for you also.  We give you the option on Day 3 to journey with us, or to leave us for the weekend.

Ride Package Cost   $250 per person,  passengers in attendance  $150
For those wishing for the "TWIN-SHARED" additional accommodation option - we are more than happy to provide this to you at YOUR cost, but we will look to make this available on a small scale.

For queries please contact  or you may text -   021 036 7234
Contact:  Sue Denham
Northern Gravel Adventure Riders NZ

visit our website to view pix of our Ride Leaders and their time in these surrounds

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