Monday, 25 March 2013

King Country to Central North Island 16th/17th March 2013


King Country to Central North Island  
      March 16th/17th 2013

"ON TOP of The World" - Georgeous Panoroma Stretching Out Before Us
Gorgeous pic captured by Mike

"King Country",  offering stunning panoramic views.  Saturday, and the weather turned it on for us.  Clear, blue skies, and extremely dusty ground conditions. 

Meet Jimz "NEW Best Friend" - "Meanwhile Down On The Farm" - and this poor chap received much needed assistance from The Adventure Riders - STUCK so fast inside
of a gorse bush - Our NEW SHEEPIE Friend - lives to see another day
(FROM the X FILES of Northern Gravel AND ADVENTURES)     :)

Re-Grouping and a BRIEF break from THE DUST


Website Maintenance of NGARNZ Website

NGARNZ Website is currently under Reconstruction - Our Website now is growing FULL to capacity with the very many New and Varied Places that we have taken our Adventure Riders to visit.  Please bring YOUR cameras when attending our rides, as we will keep photos to a minimum over future journeys, to minimise File Spacing on our website.  

NEW Website Photo Gallery Selection of Pics

Due to the now overwhelming amount of photos accumulated over the many journeys we have now prepared and planned,  each quarter we will place a pic crop selection on the NGARNZ Website as reminders of the many adventures we have all shared.


A Couple of Possible Planned Date Changes

With most of our rides scheduled to run on Saturdays,  we will now look to alter a couple of our forthcoming rides to be Sunday Rides.

Mystery Route Sheet Adventure Ride now ReScheduled to SATURDAY the 11th May 2013
Mother's Day Lays Claim to Sunday the 12th May,  so we will reschedule this once again
to Saturday the 11th May
     Entries will be closed off strictly for this Mystery Adventure as we have maps
to print off and route sheets to organise for those registered to attend.
Entries close off 05th May - No Entries will be taken after this date.

Along with this,   our WAIPU FOREST Tour originally scheduled for Saturday 15th June,
we will look to reschedule this to Sunday 16th June.   Details finalised for this Forest Tour within the next couple of weeks.


Satuday 20th April - NEW "AWHITU" Surf and Turf

Entries close for this Event on April 15th - NO Entries will be taken after this date.

Visit and TOUR EIGHT Private AWHITU Properties - We take you OVERLAND and Explore AWHITU as you have NOT seen this area before - Lunch included and served by local AWHITU Residents

Overland Adventure Bike Training Saturday the 06th April 2013


* * * * *  E A S T E R * * * * *   2013
Happy EASTER everyone



Our future AWAY rides,  we will look to
minimise our numbers.  This will help to assist us
with the ontime planning and ease of
accommodation availability.  We have found in some areas accommodation can be minimal.  If you wish
to attend our AWAY rides in future, please
be early to register your booking, as we may make a smaller amount of pre-booked accommodation.  Overflow accommodation may have to be your choice with what may be available. Many of our
NEW   AWAY rides we will post accommodation
links for you to make your accommodation
choice selection, along with meals etc.  We will
provide The Adventure!!!


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